Marine accident round-up : 1st November 2019

The Harrier, formerly Tide Carrier (IMO 8730479) remains under arrest outside Turkey. The vessel was subject to a fine of the equivalent of $300,000 and a bill for $4m in clean-up costs related to a spill outside Turkish shipyard Sok Denizcilik. The vessel was scheduled to be demolished there in 2018. Singapore-based demolition cash buyer Wirana Shipping was accused of attempting to demolish the Tide Carrier in Pakistan and also of falsifying class and flag state documents to allow the vessel to leave Norway for demolition. Last month the Norwegian Maritime Authority fined Wirana NOK7m ($767,000) for violations of the Pollution and Criminal Code after it attempted to sail the Harrier for scrapping in 2017.

Fishing vessel Avel Vor (IMO 8908038) sprang a leak in the night of Oct 27, 2019, in the Gulf of Guinea, 315 kilometres off the coast of Liberia, following a water ingress in the engine room which could not be brought under control. Three days after the vessel had sailed from Abidjan and was heading towards its fishing area, some of the crew heard a sound on the hull that could be a shock to an unidentified floating object. The bilge alarm of the engine room was triggered, and it flooded rapidly, so that the pumps could not cope with the incoming water, so the captain ordered to abandon ship. The 23 crew members, including ten Frenchmen and a fishery observer, were saved by a company ship, the ‘Sterenn’, followed closely by two other tuna vessels from the CFTO, the ‘Pendruc’ and the ‘Gueotec’, which were mobilized to assist. All day long on Oct 28 a tug with additional pumps and a diver team was awaited eagerly, while the ‘Avel Vor’ continued to sink slowly. In the early morning of Aug 28 it disappeared from the radar. The ‘Pendruc’ remained in the area with a part of the crew. At daylight there was no trace of the ship. The ‘Pendruc’ recovered floating objects that could be dangerous for navigation. No pollution is visible on the sinking site. 1991-built, France-flagged, 976 gt Avel Vor is owned and managed by Francaise du Thon Oceanique of Concarneau, France.

The Unified Command (UC) has released images from the inside of capsized car carrier Golden Ray (IMO 9775816) which capsized in the St. Simons Sound of the port of Brunswick, Georgia, early in September with some 4,200 vehicles on board. The LIDAR images showed some vehicles floating above the deck of the ship, held in place only by wire on the deck. Since the beginning of October the UC has been using laser technology to analyze the inaccessible cargo-hold. This has now produced 3D images of inside the vessel. The UC has said that it would have a ship removal plan ready by mid-November. The ship is to be disassembled in situ. It will be many weeks more before the plans are finalized to remove the vessel. Once the vessel is completely dismantled and transferred out of the sound, the thousands of rocks that have been brought in to stabilize the vessel will be removed using excavators with sieve buckets. There were hopes that the dismantling could begin before the end of November.

2017-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 71,178 gt Golden Ray is owned by GL NV24 Shipping Inc care of manager Hyundai Glovis of Seoul, South Korea. ISM manager is G-Marine Service Co Ltd of Busan, South Korea. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of Hyundai Glovis Co, Ltd.

A Chinese crew member of bulk carrier Cape India (IMO 9654804) was severely injured in a gas explosion on October 28th. The ship was transiting the Makassar Strait, en route from Tang Shan to Port Walcott. The ship reported the accident to Indonesian Maritime Authorities and requested a medevac. The victim was transferred to a lifeboat but was declared dead by paramedics short time later. The ship left the Balikpapan area and resumed her voyage around midnight the same day. 2014-built, Singapore-flagged, 99,195 gt Cape India is owned by U-Ming Marine Trasnport SNG of Singapore. It is managed by U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation of Taipei City, Taiwan. ISM manager is U-Ming Marine Xiamen Intl Ship of Fujian, China. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Smuab) (Eastern Division) on behalf of U-Ming Marine Transport (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

General cargo ship Griftbor (IMO 9116008) had a fire on board during the late morning of October 24th in the Gulf of Finland, while en route from Kunda to Monsteras, Sweden, loaded with 3,077 tonnes of coniferous pulp wood in the hold and on deck. The fire was extinguished by the crew using portable fire extinguishers. The vessel diverted to Tallinn for damage inspection and repairs. It was advised that repairs in engine room would take around three weeks. 1995-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 2,771 gt Griftbor is owned by Course Shipping Co Ltd care of MPV Management Ltd of Talinn, Estonia.