Marine accident round-up : 1st June 2021

Lancashire’s head of cargo and specie Lee Aspinall has resigned after recently taking over the lead underwriting position, reports Insurance Insider.

Russian-flagged fishing vessel Amur (IMO 8910655) requested to complete unloading in Monbetsu, Japan on May 27th and then to submit a request to depart the port. The 1989-built Amur was directed to Mombetsu after it collided with smaller fishing vessel Hokko Maru No 8. It was still in port as of May 28th. The captain of the Amur was reported to be cooperating with the investigators of the collision with Japanese fishing vessel Daihachi Hokko-Maru No 8 on a voluntary basis on May 27th. Japan was currently investigating the incident and the status of the captain of the Amur was not yet clear. Japan confirmed that he was taking part in the investigation on a voluntary basis.

The Unified Command has recommenced cutting on the wreck of capsized car carrier Golden Ray in St Simons Sound, Brunswick, Georgia, USA. The vessel suffered a fire two weeks ago, which delayed the cutting operation. Inspectors were still assessing whether parts of the hull were weakened by the fire and said that they would adjust plans if necessary before remaining sections were cut away from the ship and lifted for removal.

Crude oil tanker Ocean Taipan (IMO 9368235) was arrested off Gibraltar on May 22nd, according to reports. The vessel had arrived on May 21st. As of May 30th it was still moored in the Eastern Anchorage.

2008-built, Singapore-flagged, 62,863 gt Ocean Taipan is owned by Nan Guang Maritime Pte Ltd care of manager V Ships Asia Group Pte Ltd of Singapore. It is entered with Skuld (Business unit Skuld Singapore) on behalf of Nan Guang Maritime Pte.

The crew of cargo ship Marley (IMO 9116814) discovered four stowaways of Kosovar Albanian origin early on May 27th. They were hiding inside the ship and were found before the ship left the port of A Coruña. They had sneaked into the port at dawn and then got on board, saying that intended to get to the UK. However, the ship was headed to Morocco, not the UK. The Marley made a stop at the Calvo Sotelo pier on May 25th. The crew alerted the police. and the officers of the National Police took charge of the four people. Technically, they cannot be considered stowaways as the ship had not moved from the port when they were discovered. An administrative sanction has been launched.

1995-built, Belgium-flagged, 2,061 gt Marley is owned by Marlin NV care of Boeckmans Belgie NV of Antwerp, Belgium.