Marine accident round-up : 1st July 2019

University line ferry Şehit Sami Akbulut collided with passenger ship Piri Reis Üniveritesi (IMO 7615672) during the early afternoon of June 28th while the latter was about to berth at Sarayburnu Port in the Istanbul Strait in the region between Eminönü and Kabataş, Turkey. There was minor material damage to both ships, but no injuries. The training ship hit the ferry on her starboard side bow. Both ships were taken to a safe area for investigations. The training vessel was guided by a pilot and made the necessary manoeuvres in accordance with COLREG in an attempt to prevent the accident.

1983-built, Turkey-flagged, 10,870 gt Piri Reis Universitesi is owned and managed by Piri Reis Universitesi of Istanbul, Turkey. ISM manager is Denizciler Turism Denizcilik of Istanbul, Turkey.

Cargo ship Yusuf Celal (IMO 7937874) was removed from her grounding site on June 27th at Balıkesir off Marmara Island Topağac neighbourhood in Turkey, after the lightering of her cargo of stone chips. The wreck was removed by salvage teams after a week’s work, with the assistance of a floating crane, and taken to a site nearby. Refloating had begun at the end of May. 1978-built, Turkey-flagged, 994 gt Yusuf Celal is owned by Coskun Denizcilik Lojistik care of manager OF Denizcilik Ticaret AS (OF Shipping & Trading Co) of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with Hanseatic.

Passenger/Cargo RoRo European Causeway (IMO 9208394) suffered a fire in the engine room early on June 27th en route to Larne, Northern Ireland, with 266 passengers and 56 crew on board. The fire was extinguished a few hours later by the crew, and the vessel continued her journey. The CGOC Belfast monitored the vessel on AIS. SAROPS were terminated upon the arrival in the harbour. 2000-built, Bahamas-flagged 20,646 gt European Causeway is owned by P&O European Ferries Irish Sea and managed by P&O Ferries, both of Dover, UK. It is entered with Standard Club (International Division) on behalf of P&O European Ferries (Irish Sea) Ltd.

Bulk carrier Pacific 01 (IMO 9248198) collided with Vietnamese fishing vessel NA 95899 TS, with 19 crew members on board, in the Gulf of Tonkin, 90 miles south-east of Haiphong, Vietnam, during the afternoon of June 28th. The fishing vessel sank. Nine crew members were rescued by the bulkcarrier, but 10 were reported missing. An SAR operation was under way. Pacific 01 was en route from Ho Chi Minh City to Cam Pha, but she turned back after the accident. 2001-built, Vietnam-flagged, 16,941 gt Pacific 01 is owned and managed by ITC Corp of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Fishing boat Northguider (IMO 8714619) now has a list of 70-80 degrees to starboard side. Northguider ran aground in the strait between Spitsbergen and Nordaustlandet on Svalbard, north of Norway in the Arctic Circle, on December 28th. Her removal was planned for August. Patrol vessel Svalbard sailed to Hinlopen this week on behalf of the Norwegian Coastal Administration to investigate the damage to the trawler. The assignment consisted of inspecting the damage and, if possible, breaking up the ice around the vessel. Working conditions around Northguider have been difficult, with close ice around the vessel and reduced visibility. Northguider has suffered significant damage underneath the water line in the area around the engine room. In January, the vessel rested on fixed rocks and had a list of 17 degrees. The hole has increased in size as a result of ice movement and time. The ice has pushed the vessel onto its side. 1988-built, Norway-flagged, 1,792 gt Northguider is owned and managed by Opilio AS of Storebo, Norway. ISM manager is BR Birkeland Fiskebatrederi AS.