Marine accident round-up : 19th November 2021

A US Air Force team based in Africa rescued a British citizen who had suffered a heart attack on board bulk carrier Liberty Grace (IMO 9228148) while it was in the Indian Ocean en route from Durban to Djibouti. The rescue took place on November 13th while the vessel was some 500nm off the coast of Kenya. A team of five US Air Force pararescuemen were deployed. Once they reached the cargo ship, they rappelled down to the ship and stabilized his condition. The pararescuemen stayed on board the ship overnight to keep the man stable as the vessel moved closer to the Africa shoreline. The ship transited within 150nm of the Manda Bay Airfield in Kenya overnight. Two Super Pumas were then deployed and flew the man as well as the pararescuemen to the Manda Bay Airfield in Kenya. After they made it to the airfield, a separate aircraft, a DHC-8 airplane, transported the man to a hospital in Nairobi.

The vessel was scheduled to arrive at Djibouti on November 19th.

2001-built, USA-flagged, 28,836 gt Liberty Grace is owned by Liberty Grace Corp care of manager Liberty Maritime Corp of New York, USA. It appears on the IG web site as being entered with North of England Club on behalf of Liberty Maritime, but there is no listing of it on the North of England web site.

Two Sri Lanka Ministers addressing the country’s weekly Cabinet Media Briefing on November 16th stated that the bulk carrier Hippo Spirit (IMO 9135523), currently anchored off Sri Lanka’s west coast, did not pose a threat to the national security or sovereignty. The Media Minister said the vessel, which has become something of a political hot potato in a spat between Sri Lanka and China, was not carrying weapons, and the Energy Minister believed the vessel had been positioned close to Sri Lanka while it awaited the outcome of judicial proceedings over the fertilizer consignment on board (IMN, November 2nd). Sri Lanka has still not allowed any offloading of fertilizer.

1996-built, Panama-flagged, 20,398 gt Hippo Spirit is owned and managed by Hippo Spirit Shipping Ltd of Majuro, Marshall Islands. ISM manager is Hippo Reliance Shipping Ltd of Hong Kong, China.

A dredger and other equipment have arrived at the Cua Viet Port, Vietnam, as salvors were preparing to extract 470 tons of oil from the tanks of bulk carrier Glory Future (IMO 9170652). The People’s Committee of the Quang Tri province has approved the plan to pump oil from the bulk carrier and transfer it to another vessel. The port authorities will be supervising the process. The vessel  ran aground about 2km from the coast of Cua Viet, Quang Tri province during the morning of October 17th in heavy rain and high winds.

1998-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 17,784 gt Glory Future is owned by Glory Future Shipping HK Co care of manager Ani Shipping Pte Ltd of Singapore. ISM manager is Amoy Ocean Shipping Co Ltd of Fujian, China. It is entered with American Club on behalf of Glory Future Shipping HJ Co Ltd.

Debris removal teams this week were continuing to recover debris from the wreck of car carrier Golden Ray inside the Environmental Protection Barrier (EPB). Once the debris removal is complete, the EPB will be dismantled and removed. They recovered 151 vehicles and 15 partial decks during operations to clear wreck debris and scour mitigation measures from inside the EPB during the recent days. Response managers anticipated several more weeks of debris removal operations and additional equipment will enter the EPB to recover larger sunken pieces of the wreck. Engineering teams continue to conduct hydrographic surveys each week to assist the debris removal process. Survey analysis confirms no presence of debris along the seafloor outside of the barrier.