Marine accident round-up : 19th March 2019

Ore carrier Vathy (IMO 9279393) collided with Zhejing Fisheries’ fishing vessel Zhe Daiyu 2611 shortly after midnight on March 12th, east of the Yangtze estuary in the Yellow Sea. The fishing vessel sank and only two of the 14 fishermen on board were rescued. An SAR operation was launched for the other 12. The bulk carrier was en route from Port Headland to Caofeidian at the time. 2004-built, Bahamas-flagged, 113,929 gt Vathy is owned by Goodhope Chartering care of manager Samos Steamship (Cyprus) Ltd of Nicosia, Cyprus. It is entered with UK Club (London L2 Group) on behalf of Goodhope Chartering Co.

Bulk carrier Iolaos (IMO 9696450) contacted with bulk carrier SE Nicky (IMO 9839088) port-to-starboard on March 11th, off the Pedro Miguel Lock in the Panama Canal. Both ships were transiting the waterway in a northerly direction towards the Atlantic and both suffered slight damage. They completed the transit and moored on Colon Anchorage for damage assessment and investigations. Iolaos had arrived from Chile while SE Nicky was en route from Mexico to Mobile, Alabama.

2016-built, Liberia-flagged, 36,300 gt Iolaos is owned by Endine Marine Inc care of manager Lavinia Corp, of Athens, Greece. It is entered with North of England on behalf of Endine Marine Inc.

2018-built, Panama-flagged, 23,232 gt SE Nicky is owned by SE Glory Corp care of manager Sincere Industrial Corp of Taiwan. It is entered with UK Club (Hong Kong area group) on behalf of SE Glory Corp. Ship traffic in the canal was not affected.


Cargo ship Yusuf Celal (IMO 7937874) ran aground in stormy seas on march 13th near Topagac in Bandırma some 50-to-60 metres off Marmara Island. The ship suffered a breach to the hull and, following massive water ingress, she eventually sank with the bow resting on the bottom, the deck being partially flooded with the superstructure and stern remaining above the waterline and a list to starboard side. The crew of six was rescued by a Coastal Safety lifeboat, a Coastguard boat and the nearby fishing boat Daglioglu.

The incident location was marked and restricted by authorities. Coastal Safety divers will carry out underwater inspection depending on the weather condition. The ship had sailed from Saraylar on March 13th, bound to Ambarli, when she grounded, subsequently suffering structural failures and water ingress. She sank almost completely, with only the tip of the bow and the radar mast remaining visible. Türkeli Römorkörü and Kıyem 4 laid out oil booms at the sinking site.

1978-built, Turkey-flagged, 994 gt Yusuf Celal is owned by Coskun Denizcilik care of manager OF Shipping & Trading Co of Istanbul, Turkey.

The He Jhen Hi caught fire at quay 3 in Port-Louis, Mauritius, early on March 14th. Some 50 tons of fuel oil were pumped from the ship after the fire broke out. The operation continued to remove the remaining 30 tons of fuel, the vessel having been refuelled before her scheduled departure. Tugs of the Mauritius Port Authority then pulled her to Bain des Dames at Sable Noir, where she was still burning. The decision was made to allow the fire to burn out. The 13 crew members were able to leave the ship in time and were uninjured. The origin of the fire was not currently known.