Marine accident round-up : 18th February 2019

A 52,000 dwt chemical/oil products tanker, reported to be the Pomer (IMO 9455739), suffered a blackout on February 15th while transiting the Suez Canal, impeding southbound convoys as a result, the Gulf Agency Company (GAC) has confirmed. The tanker was part of a northbound convoy of 21 vessels, six of which were behind the affected tanker and were thus also delayed. GAC said that the vessel had been escorted by three tugs to anchor at Great Bitter Lake, Ismailia, and that traffic was expected to return to normal shortly. No information about damages or pollution has been released. 2011-built, Croatia-flagged, 30,638 gt Pomer is owned by United Shipping Serv 14 care of Uljanik Shipmanagement Incof Pula, Croatia. ISM manager is ASP Ship Management Singapore of Singapore. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of United Shipping Services Fourteen Inc.

Six people died as a result of a fire on Mozambique-flagged fishing vessel Tropical 1, at the Port of Durban on February 14th, according to the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA). The fire caused the vessel to list on its port side. SAMSA informed that the unit in question was the. The cause of the fire was not yet known.

Cargo ship Grand Light (IMO 9055187) suffered an engine failure in the Black Sea on February 9th. A tug was towing the vessel to Diliskelesi and was expected to arrive on February 13th. As of February 17th she was moored near Gebze. 1992-built, Panama-flagged, 1,598 gt Grand Light is owned by Grand Light Shipping care of manager Gemmar Denizcilik Ticaret Ltd Sti, Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with Hanseatic.

Tanker Nu Shi Nalini (IMO 9619608), which has been anchored 12.3 miles off Kochi, Black Sea, for eight months, will be salvaged by the LOTS Shipping Ltd. which has started transferring 2,800 tons of naphtha into secure tanks. The salvage work was expected to take around 50 days, following which the tanker might be repaired or might be scrapped. Salvage started in mid-January after negotiations between the insurers and the owners were concluded. The salvors conducted a survey to identify the leaking naphtha tanks and developed a plan for the cargo transfer. The ship suffered an engine room explosion on June 13th 2018 and was evacuated after a naphtha leakage, which was later sealed. 2012-built, India-flagged, 11,246 gt Nu Shi Nalini is owned by Arya Ship Charterers Pvt Ltd care of manager Elektrans Shipping Pvt of Mumbai, India.

Cargo ship Berkan B (IMO 8127309), reportedly abandoned in Pialassa dei Piomboni, Eastern Italy, was causing environmental concerns after sitting at a quay since October 2017. The vessel broke in two during demolition work, continued for a few months, but then the wreck was abandoned again. Water was entering the stern and the mooring lines were now at maximum tension. It was feared that the wreck and its load could sink, leaking pollutants. On February 11th a complaint was filed with the provincial command of the Carabinieri of Ravenna, which was then forwarded to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Ministry of the Environment. 1984-built, Panama-flagged, 3,988 gt Berkan B is owned and managed by Bilgili Denizcilik Nakliyat of Istanbul, Turkey.

A worker fell three metres aboard fishing vessel Mokstein (IMO 5247316) while she was berthed at the quay of the Rabben Mekaniske Verksted south of Bekkjarvik in Austevoll, Norway. on Feb 12, 2019. He was picked up by the air ambulance and flown to Haukeland University Hospital for treatment. Police were notified and conducted a site and witness investigation. 1960-built, Norway-flagged, 1,423 gt Mokstein is owned by Karoløs care of manager Ostervold IK of Bekkjarvik, Norway. It is entered with Skuld (Bergen business unit) on behalf of Partrederiet Karoløs ANS.