Marine accident round-up : 18th August 2022

The Port Authority of Paxos, Greece, was informed early on August 16th by the Master of the Ilida Dolphin (IMO 8038637) that the ferry was suffering strong vibrations on the starboard side axis of the starboard side main engine after an impact with a floating trunk 1nm outside the port of Gaios, Paxos. The ferry, which was serving its scheduled route from the port of Corfu to the port of Gaios and which had 80 passengers on board, sailed safely to the port of Paxos, where the passengers disembarked safely. However, it was prohibited from sailing from the Port of Paxos until the damage was repaired and a certificate of class maintenance and seaworthiness was provided by the monitoring classification society. As of August 16th it was at the port of Corfu.

1981-built, 140 gt Ilida Dolphin is owned by Ilida Shipping Co of Kerkyra, Greece. It is managed by Palace Cruises Shipping Co of the same address.

A 24-ton Korean fishing vessel was reported to have collided with cargo ship west of Taean County coast in the Yellow Sea west of South Korea at around 05:00 local time on August 17th. The fishing vessel sank, but 11 crew were rescued by the cargo ship and all were safe. Although the cargo ship was not officially identified, according to positions, track and time, it was thought likely to be the DK Itonia (IMO 9643647), which had been sailing from Pyeongtaek to Mizushima, Japan. After the collision the ship moved to Jangansea Anchorage, north of Taean, and anchored, awaiting the ensuing investigation. As of August 17th that was where it remained.

2012-built, Panama-flagged, 9,413 gt DK Itonia is owned by Korea Tonnage No 17 Shipping care of manager Intergis Co Ltd of Busan, South Korea. It is entered with North of England on behalf of Intergis Co Ltd.

Chemical/oil products tanker Selina II/ Baltic Commander I (IMO 9208112) suffered engine failure around noon local time on August 15th in the southern Dardanelles off Kumkale, while en route from Gibraltar to Istanbul, reportedly in ballast. A Canakkale Traffic Control tug responded and the tanker was taken to Bozcaada northern anchorage. As of August 17th the vessel remained at Canakkale anchorage.

2000-built, Liberia-flagged, 23,235 Baltic Commander I (Selina II on AIS) is listed on Equasis as owned by Baltic Commander Schiffahrts of Elsfleth, Germany, and managed by NSB Niederelbe Schiffahrtsges of Buxtehude, Germany. Equasis lists it as entered with Swedish Club (from 20/02/2022) but it looks as if this information (including owner and manager) is out of date.

Selina II (as named by the insurer) is entered with Skuld (Business Unit Skuld Oslo I) on behalf of Navigator Ship Line Management & Operation LLC, with the owner named as Calma Shipping Corp, and looks to have been effective since August 2nd.