Marine accident round-up : 17th July 2019

The US Coast Guard coordinated the rescue of two Mexican fishermen aboard fishing vessel Mazatun (IMO 8125129) who had been injured when their vessel’s crane collapsed on July 9th in international waters more than 1,300 miles southwest of San Diego. The safety officer from the tuna fishing fleet Pesca Azteca contacted Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Centre watchstanders in Alameda reporting that three people were injured, two severely, aboard the fishing vessel after a crane collapsed while the vessel had been recovering nets. Fishing nets obstructed the Mazatun’s propellers during the incident and the boat was unable to transit under her own power. The two severely injured fishermen were transferred to Mazatun sister ship the Tamara, which travelled towards a Mexican naval outpost on Socorro Island, some 700 miles away. Due to the distance, some two days away, watchstanders contacted the Air Force Rescue Coordination Centre and requested pararescue medical assistance. The 563rd Rescue Wing deployed aboard a Lockheed C-130 Hercules out of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, along with a McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender tanker out of Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, rendezvoused with the Tamara the following morning. Eight pararescuemen and an Air Force flight surgeon parachuted from the Hercules provided trauma care to the fishermen. The medical team was able to stabilize the injuries and they remained under the supervision of the flight surgeon for the voyage to Socorro Island. The Tamara arrived at Socorro harbour during the evening of July 12th and transferred the two fishermen to the Mexican naval medical clinic on the island. 1983-built, Mexico-flagged, 1,213 gt Mazatun is owned and managed by Azteca Pesca of Mazatlan Mexico.

High-speed passenger/cargo roro Jaume III (IMO 9135884) allided with berthed ferry Alcantara Dos (IMO 9107203) in the port of Alcudia during the morning of July 12th. Neither ferry had passengers or cargo on board. Jaume III was shifting berth at the time to take passengers on board. Alcantara Dos suffered minor damage only, and the ferry left Alcudia at midday after a few hours’ delay. Jaume III sustained a hull breach on the starboard side bow and was sidelined in Alcudia.

1996-built, Spain-flagged, 4,305 gt Jaume III is owned and managed by Balearia Eurolineas Maritimas of Denia, Alicante, Spain. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Smuab) (European syndicate) on behalf of Balearia Eurolineas Maritimas SA.

1995-built, Spain-flagged, 4,859 gt Alcantara Dos is owned by Maritime Global Operator Ltd care of Kajster doo of Portoroz, Slovenia. It is managed by Euroferrys of Cadiz, Spain. It is entered with Britannia on behalf of Maritime Global Operator Ltd.

Korea Maritime Transport Co (KMTC) has sold 21-year-old feeder ship KMTC Hongkong (IMO 9157753) for scrap after she was involved in a spectacular fire while calling at Laem Chabang port in Thailand on May 25th. Best Oasis is understood to have paid $425 per ldt for the fire ravaged 1,585 teu, 1998-built KMTC Hongkong  in a deal that also comes with 390 tonnes of bunkers. The fire, resulting from non-declared highly flammable toxic chemicals including calcium hypochlorite carried by the ship, led to noxious smoke and acidic ash raining down on nearby villages. More than 200 people were hospitalized due to their contact with toxic substances from the blaze.

1998-built, South Korea-flagged, 16,731 gt KMTC Hongkong is owned and managed by Korea Marine Transport Co Ltd of Seoul, South Korea. ISM manager is KMTC Ship Management Co of Busan, South Korea. It is entered with Korea P&I on behalf of Korea Marine Transport Co Ltd.

River cruise vessel Alexey Tolstoy collided with yacht Potudan in the Mashkinsky District on the River Volga during the night of July 13th. The passenger ship was heading from Samara to Moscow with 153 passengers and 78 crew members on board. The yacht had been chartered by a resident of the Moscow region in Kalyazin, and it had nine people on board at the time. Because of the fog a woman standing at the helm did not notice the approaching river cruise ship. The yacht was holed and the crew was evacuated onto the passenger ship, which anchored 140 metres from the coast and returned to the port in the afternoon. The yacht sank, with some fuel being spilt. The wreck was recovered.

Passenger/Cargo RoRo Skjoldnæs (IMO 7925649) lost manoeuvring ability during the afternoon of July 14th when she sailed into the port of Faaborg, Denmark, and subsequently had to be moved to Søby for docking. All departures to and from Søby using the Skjoldnæs had to be cancelled for the remainder of July 14th and all of July 15th. A crack had been found in a welding in the tank, resulting in sea water ingress and combination with diesel oil, thus disabling the propulsion. The ferry remained stationary in Søby on July 15. 1979-built, Denmark-flagged, 986 gt Skjoldnaes is owned by Aero Kommune and managed by Aerofaergerne both of AEroskobing, Denmark.