Marine accident round-up : 17th July 2018

Chemical tanker Yong An (IMO 8316998) collided with China-flagged 84-metre vessel Shun Qiang 2 near Shanghai on July 15th. The Shun Qiang 2 sank as a result, with 10 of the 13 crew going missing. Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration had 10 patrol vessels out on an SAR operation. No pollution has been detected. Shun Qiang 2 is operated by Jiangsu Quanqiang Shipping. 1984-built, Mongolia-flagged, 4,462 gt Yong An is owned by Run Bao Intl Group care of Vanguard Shipping Safety Management of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

Container ship Trường Hải Star 3 (IMO 9264738) saved the crew of nine of Vietnamese flagged cargo m/v An Phú 868 (IMO 9373060) during the morning of July 5th. An Phu 868 had run aground an hour earlier while en route from An Giang to Hải Phòng. The crew abandoned ship into a life raft about 10 miles off the port of La Gi. The castaways were taken to the port of Hu Lai. By July 10th the 10.5 tons of bunker fuel on An Phu had been drained. Subsequently the Hong Ha Bay Shipping co-owned vessel broke in two and flooded. 2003-built, Vietnam-flagged, 6,704 gt Truong Hai Star 3 is owned and managed by Chu Lai – Truong Hai Ship Co care of Binh Minh Shipping Co Ltd, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam. It is entered with West of England (Claims Contact, Hong Kong) on behalf of Chu Lai Truong Hai Ship Co.

Passenger ship Sri Kandi 99 (IMO 8999506) which ran aground on rocks at the southern tip of Singaporean island Pulau Tekong during the night of July 9th while carrying 45 passengers and crew, has capsized. The ferry became stranded during low tide after it collided with rocks near the island and the wreck was now resting semi-submerged on the shore. All 45 passengers and crew were rescued safely by the Police Coast Guard in a difficult operation as the ferry was listing badly to starboard and visibility was low. The closeness to shore meant that the police boats also ran the risk of grounding. The ferry had been carrying one Vietnamese and 33 Malaysian passengers and 11 Indonesian crew members. 2002-built, Indonesia-flagged, 154 gt Srikandi 99 is owned and managed by Srikandi Bahtera Nusantara PT of Jakarta, Indonesia/

Aggregates carrier Islander 10 (IMO 8660234) ran aground in the waters off Agusan del Norte in Mindanao on July 8th as a result of bad weather. She sustained three holes in its hull. The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) conducted a vessel safety check on the grounded vessel but had difficulties approaching the vessel due to high waves. Local authorities will check if any oil spill occurred. The ship had about 25 tons of diesel fuel on board at the time of the grounding. 2008-built, Philippines-flagged, 2,441 gt Islander 10 is owned and managed by Golden Islander Maritime Inc of Manila, Philippines.

A total of 34 people – 33 passengers and one crew member – were injured on Norwegian archipelago Svalbard when passenger ship Aurora Explorer (IMO 9196723). with 121 passengers and four crew members on board, allided with a dock in Barentsburg during the morning of July 15th. At least one person was seriously injured. Several were sent by ambulance teams to the University Hospital in Tromsø. The Aurora Explorer runs daily trips to Barentsburg. The ferry suffered some damage, and the tours on July 15th and 16th were cancelled. The ferry was thought to have suffered a technical hitch while approaching the dock. 1999-built, Faroe Islands-flagged, 177 gt Aurora Explorer is owned by SP/F Arctic Explorer care of manager APS of Aalborg, Denmark. It is entered with MS Amlin (which lists the vessel as Norway-flagged).