Marine accident round-up : 16th February 2021

Offshore supply ship Greatship Rohini (IMO 9522532) caught fire in the Arabian sea in the Mumbai High Field area, 92nm northwest of Mumbai, India, before dawn on February 13th. There were 18 crew on board, three of whom were reported to have died as a result of the accident. The fire was said to have started in the engine room, and three crew members were trapped inside the superstructure, which filled with smoke. One crew member suffered burns and was medevaced by helicopter. He is reported as recovering. The fire was extinguished the same day but the response team were unable to board the ship to search for the missing three crew until the morning of February 14th. When the SAR team, consisting of Coastguard officials and company specialists, boarded the ship, they found the missing sailors dead. The bodies of two were found in the tween-deck area, apparently burnt beyond recognition, while the third body, which also had burn injuries, was found in the engine control room.

2010-built, India-flagged, 3,147 gt Greatship Rohini is owned and managed by Greatship India Ltd of Mumbai, India. It is entered with Shipowners’ Club on behalf of Greatship (India) Ltd.

Tankship LNG Aquarius (IMO 7390181) was reported as detained in Jakarta Bay on February 9th 2021. The Indonesian Attorney General said that it had seized the vessel in connection with the alleged corruption case of against PT Asabri. As of February 12th it remained at anchor in Jakarta Bay.

1977-built, Indonesia-flagged, 95,084 gt LNG Aquarius is owned by Hanocehm Shipping Pt care of manager Humolco LNG Indonesia PT of Jakarta, Indonesia. ISM manager is Humpuss Transportasi Kimia PT of Jakarta, Indonesia. It is entered with UK Club on behalf of PT Hanochem Shipping.

A fire broke out on the upper deck of Ro-Ro freight cargo ship Gallipoli Seaways (IMO 9215476) during the afternoon of February 11th, off Bozcaada Island, between Izmir and Istanbul, while the vessel was transiting the Dardanelles en route from Tuzla to Trieste. There were 22 crew, two passengers and 220 vehicles on board. A lifeboat, a tug and six fast-rescue boats were dispatched to the scene. The ship turned towards Bozcaada. The crew initially tackled the fire themselves. The ferry was diverted to Akçansa Port because of the rough weather, which had been hampering firefighting. The fire was then tackled by shore based fire fighters. The fire, which was understood to have broken out in one of the vehicles on a cargo deck, was then brought under control. There could be damage to cargo as a result. WK Webster said that there was a possibility that General Average would be declared.

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