Marine accident round-up : 16th August 2019

Swedish ferry Silja Galaxy had to make a sharp turn and slow down during the afternoon of August 10th in order to avoid approaching general cargo ship BBC Alberta (IMO 9468102). The ferry was on its way from Mariehamn to Stockholm at the time. The northbound container ship was coming from the left and had to give way, which it promised to do. However, for some reason it swung in the wrong direction, meaning that the Silja Galaxy had to make an emergency manoeuvre in order to avoid a collision. The ferry listed heavily, causing all the food and kitchen equipment in the restaurant to crash to the floor. Several passengers lost their grip and fell, but no-one was injured. Several people ran to the exit and tried to get up to the deck. Afterwards, the master of the ship announced via the PA system what had happened and after a while the situation calmed down. The incident has been reported to Finnish and Swedish authorities. The ferry berthed in Stockholm at 18:00. The BBC Alberta continued its journey to Härnösand where she berthed early on August 11th. 2010-built, Liberia-flagged, 9,611 gt BBC Alberta is owned by Meerhausen Briese Schiffahrts care of manager Auerbach Bereederung GmbH & Co KG of Hamburg, Germany. ISM manager is Briese Dry Cargo GmbH of Leer, Germany. It is entered with West of England Club (Eastern Claims Team) on behalf of Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG MS “Meerhausen”.

Fire crews extinguished a one-alarm blaze in the engine room of Passenger/Cargo RoRo Cape Henry (IMO 7724083) at Pier 96 in San Francisco early on August 12th. San Francisco firefighters arrived at the scene at 03:30 and extinguished the blaze within a quarter of an hour. One crew member was transported to a hospital for observation. 1979-built, USA-flagged, 39,889 gt Cape Henry is owned and managed by US Govt MARAD of Washington DC. ISM manager is Matson Navigation of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. It is entered with Standard Club (International Division) on behalf of Matson Navigation Co, Inc.

General cargo ship Omskiy 138 (IMO 8873087) ran aground on the Svir River in the Podporozhsky district, Leningrad Oblast, Russia, around dawn on August 14th while travelling to Ivinsky. The ship suffered a leak on the port side. She was carrying a cargo of 2.500 tons of timber and had on board a crew of 12. 1988-built, Russia-flagged, 2,528 gt Omskiy-137 is owned and managed by North-Western Fleet of St Petersburg, Russia. ISM manager is North-Western Shipping Co, also of St Petersburg, Russia. It is entered with Standard Club (London Class) on behalf of JSC North-Western Shipping Co.

Bulk carrier Doric Warrior (IMO 9453511) allided with moored oil products tanker Mammmad Amin Resulzader (IMO 9175157) off the Zeytinburnu coast on Ahırkapı Anchorage in the Marmara Sea, Turkey, late on August 13th. The bulk carrier was en route from Newport, US, to Yuzhniy. Both ships were intending to transit the Bosphorus at the time of the accident. The tanker suffered a dented bulwark at the port side foreship, while the bulk carrier suffered scratches and dents at the starboard bow above the water line. The master of the tanker initially feared that his ship was heavily damaged and in danger of sinking. As a result the Coast Guard sent three tugs and three rescue vessels to the site of the collision. All movement and activities of other ships and tankers were temporarily suspended. By August 14th both ships were moored at Ahirkapi anchorage and in the morning more thorough damage inspections were resumed.

2010-built, Liberia-flagged, 51,208 gt Doric Warrior is owned by Ocean Power Navigation Inc care of manager Chios Navigation (Hellas) Ltd of Piraeus, Greece. It is entered with UK Club (Area Group E2 EMEA) on behalf of Ocean Power Navigation Inc.

1998-built, Liberia-flagged, 4,606 gt Mammmad Amin Resulzader is owned by Nazli Shipping Co care of manager Palmali Shipping & Agency of Istanbul, Turkey.