Marine accident round-up : 15th September 2021

A 54-year old Filipino crew member of chemical/oil products tanker Meligunis M (IMO 9451214) was killed instantly after being hit by a broken mooring line on September 7th while the vessel was unmooring in Livorno, Italy. The vessel was detained for investigation. As of September 12th the vessel was moored at Genoa, having arrived from Livorno in September 11th.

2008-built, Italy-flagged, 7,321 gt Meligunis M is owned by Cornelimar Product Ltd care of manager Augusta Due Srl of Rome, Italy. It is entered with Standard Club on behalf of Cornelimar Product Ltd.

Cargo ship Tan Binh 277 (IMO 9339430) has completed its offloading of 53,400 tonnes of imported limestone for the local cement industry. The vessel was now waiting for the resolution of litigation. It has been under arrest since August 29th as per orders of the local High Court of Chittagong as part of a civil claim. As of September 12th the vessel remained at Chittagong Anchorage.

2008-built, Panama-flagged, 31,236 gt Tan Binh 277 is owned and managed by Tan Binh Co Ltd of Haiphong City, Vietnam. It is entered with West of England (Claims Team Hong Kong) on behalf of Tan Binh Co Ltd.

The Port Authority of Thira, Santorini, Greece, was informed early on September 10th that a 74-year-old passenger of Passenger/Cargo RoRo Prevelis (IMO 8020927), which was operating a scheduled route coming from the port of Anafi, had been injured aboard the ship and was in critical condition. The ship sailed to Thira, where the patient was disembarked and taken by ambulance to the General Hospital of Thira. A preliminary investigation was carried out by the Port Authority.

1980-built, Greece-flagged, 9,851 gt Prevelis is owned and managed by Anek Lines SA of Chania, Greece. It is entered with UK Club on behalf of Anonimi Naftiliaki Eteria Kritis AE.

The Pavel Lebedev (IMO 8948480) ran aground in Lake Onega in the Prionezhsky region of Karelia during the morning of September 12th. The North-West Transport Prosecutor’s Office announced that it was conducting an inspection near the port of Ropruchei. The ship was reported to have suffered a hole in the stern and a flooded engine room. No fuel spill detected. The cargo of rubble will have to be unloaded before the ship can be towed to a repair facility. None of the nine crew members was injured.

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