Marine Accident round-up : 15th May 2019

A small cargo ship carrying vehicles and tires caught fire in Sharjah’s Port Khalid, UAE, on May 8th. Thirteen Indian seafarers were rescued from the vessel, with none needing medical attention, local reports said. Firefighters extinguished the fire, but not before the vessel was almost completely destroyed. In addition to vehicles and tires, the vessel is said to have been carrying 6,000 gallons of diesel.

Ferry Aurelia found itself stranded off the coast of Split, Croatia with nearly 350 people on board. The 1980-built vessel suffered an engine malfunction early on May 9th, causing the ship to drift into the Adriatic Sea. Ferry operator, Italy-based SNAV, the ferry’s operator, confirmed that the Aurelia “suffered a power failure in its propulsion system … around 40nm from Split, Croatia, its destination.” Two tugboats were sent to assist the stranded ferry, but were beaten back by strong winds. A third tug managed to attach a tow line to Aurelia. Shortly after 15:30 local time a tugboat reached the ship and started towing it towards Split, where it arrived several hours later. SNAV said that all passengers were okay.

General cargo ship Cathy Jo (IMO 9419278) reported to have suffered an engine failure early on May 12th following a fire in engine room while the vessel was in the Bay of Biscay. MRCC Corsen, France supervised salvage and sent technicians and a fire team by helicopter to the drifting ship. The fire was extinguished but the vessel remained in in need of towage. However, apparently at least part of the towage distance was covered by Cathy Jo under her own power. The ship was carrying 5,400 tons of soda from Turkey to Poland. 2008-built, Curacao (Netherlands Antilles)-flagged, 3,990 gt Cathy Jo is owned by Seaburn Shipping NV care of Toner Technical & Marine Ltd ,of Greystones, Co Wicklow, Ireland. It is managed by Corrib Ship Management Ltd of Dublin, Ireland. It is entered with UK Club (Area Group London L3) on behalf of Seaburn Shipping NV.

Offshore supply ship Grampian Talisker (IMO 9424819) was reported to have suffered an engine-room fire on May 9th when 20 miles east-southeast of Flamborough Head on the east coast of northern England. The ship dropped anchor and the fire team of the crew of 14 investigated. The Humber Coastguard sent the RNLI lifeboat from Bridlington for assistance and to escort. The vessel still had the use of one engine and proceeded to anchorage. The ship berthed at the Telford Dock in Aberdeen late on May 12th. Investigations showed that there had not been a fire but excessive smoke caused by a bearing overheating in the port side shaft generator. 2009-built, UK-flagged, 2,955 gt Grampian Talisker is owned by North Star Holdco and managed by North Star Shipping Aberdeen, both of Aberdeen, UK. It is entered with British Marine on behalf of North Star Holdco Ltd.