Marine Accident round-up : 15th January 2023

Stern-moored passenger/vehicle RoRo Agios Georgios (IMO 7432733) broke loose and allided with passenger/RoRo cargo ship Smyrna di Levante (IMO 7527887) at around midday on January 9th, due to adverse weather conditions prevailing in the sea area of the new Drapetsonas pier, the Port Authority of Keratsini was informed. There was some damage. No injuries were reported from the incident and no marine pollution was observed. The Port Department of Keratsini banned the sailing of both ships until the presentation of seaworthiness certificates by their respective classification societies.

1976-built, Greece-flagged, 12,338 gt Agios Georgios is owned and managed by Naira Maritime Co of Piraeus, Greece. It is entered with NorthStandard on behalf of Naira Shipping Co. As of January 12th it was moored in Piraeus.

1977-built, Piraeus-flagged, 14,760 gt Smyrna Di Levante is owned by Levante Ferries III Maritime care of manager Levante Ferries Maritime Co of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Shipowners’ Club on behalf of Levante Ferries Maritime Co. As of January 8th it was at anchor off Piraeus.

Repairs to cargo ship Natali (IMO 8203543), which suffered structural damages above the waterline at the Yalova shipyard area on November 19th 2023, has completed its repairs, and the vessel shifted to the Yalova anchorage, Turkiye. on January 7th. Sea trials were carried out satisfactorily under the supervision of the class surveyor, the owner’s superintendent, and shipyard engineers. Upon completion of the final verification, a new set of trading certificates was issued by the classification society and flag state authority. As of January 9th the vessel was waiting for the departure permission.

1983-built, Togo-flagged, 2,837 gt Natali is owned and managed by Natalie Maritime Co SA of Tegucialpa, Honduras. ISM manager is GMZ Ship management Co of Beirut, Lebanon.

A crew member on tug Monterrico (IMO 9957127) suffered a head injury on January 9th which required medical treatment. The Antilles-Guyana Regional Operational Surveillance and Rescue Centre (Cross-AG) arranged for the injured man to be medevaced to Fort de France for further medical care in port. The vessel had been en route from Ceuta to Puerto Quetzal.

2023-built, St Vincent 7 grenadines-flagged, 363 gt Monterrico is owned and managed by Arrendadora Continental SA care of Redwise Maritime services BV of Huizen, Netherlands. As of January 13th it was underway from Fort de France, Martinique, to Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala.

Passenger/vehicle RoRo Queen Coral Cross (IMO 9919125) allided with the quay while attempting to enter Wadomari Port on Okinoerabu Island, Kagoshima, Japan during the afternoon of January 8th. The ropes were being lowered from the ship, but the vessel did not appear to be slowing down. There were no injuries and there was no oil spill. The ship remained docked at Wadomari Port due to the engine trouble which reportedly caused the accident.

2021-built, Japan-flagged, 7,914 gt Queen Coral Cross is owned by Japan Railway/Marix Line care of manager Marix Line Co Ltd of Kagoshima, Japan. As of January 12th it was moored at Kagoshima.