Marine accident round-up : 15th April 2019

Dredge workboat Brunswick capsized near Charleston, South Carolina during the evening of Thursday, leaving one mariner missing. Brunswick was towing a workboat in Charleston Harbour when the incident occurred. The dredge reported that the workboat had capsized with two individuals on board. Brunswick rescued one of the two mariners, but the other could not be found by an MH-65 SAR helicopter or two response boats. The search continued through the night without success. Shipowner Southern Dredging Co was coordinating an operation to salvage the workboat. The cause of the incident is under investigation.

Ferry Margrete Læsø (IMO 9139438) suffered damage to her propeller during the night of April 9th. A noise sounded when the ferry docked in Vesterø port, after which the ferry shook repeatedly. The crew then found that there had been a damage to the ship’s propeller system, but it was unclear when or how it happened. The ferry was detained by the Danish Maritime Authority. She will be sent to a yard to be repaired before sailing again, although no yard with the capacity was immediately available. If the Margrete Læsø is not repaired by Easter its smaller replacement the Ane Læsø will undertake extra sailings. 1996-built, Denmark-flagged, 3,688 gt Margrete Læsø is owned and managed by Laeso Faergeselskabet KS of Laeso, Denmark.

General cargo ship Samoana (IMO 9164550) suffered engine damage coming from Honolulu on April 5th and was taken in tow to Papeete, Tahiti, when 300nm from the port. Speed was limited to three knots and the ship only arrived in Papeete late on April 9th,, when she berthed at the container terminal. 1999-built, Portugal-flagged, 4,450 gt Samoana is owned by Pioneer Bay Schiffahrts care of manager Reederei Stefan Patjens GmbH & Co KG of Drochtersen, Germany. (NON IG???)

Self-discharging bulk carrier Herbert C Jackson (IMO 5148417) was damaged by an ice floe in Sault Ste Marie on April 8th. The freighter was traveling in Munuscong Lake when the ice floe hit the port side of the ship and caused a 10ft-to-12ft fracture above the water line. The US Coast Guard was called to assist. 1959-built, US-flagged, 12,292 gt Herbert C Jackson is owned and managed by Interlake Steamship Co of Middleburg Heights, Ohio, USA. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Americas Syndicate) on behalf of Interlake Steamship Co.

Cargo ship Zheng Rong IMO 9593828) suffered a fire while transiting the Juan de Fuca Strait, British Columbia around dawn on April 4th. The vessel proceeded to an anchorage and the crew carried out repairs. By April 8th the ship was underway again, en route to Singapore, ETA May 2nd. 2013-built, Panama-flagged, 43,951 gt Zheng Rong is owned by Zheng Rong Shipping Group Ltd care of manager Fujian Ocean Shipping Co Ltd (FOSCO) , of Fujian, China. It is entered with Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig – on behalf of Zheng Rong Shipping Group Ltd.