Marine accident round-up : 14th November 2019

General cargo ship Jan Jing Gang (IMO 8914075), linked by a UN sanctions panel to prohibited coal transfers at sea, sank in choppy seas on October 15th. The engineer was rescued after drifting at sea for 38 hours. The vessel was accused of illegal coal transhipment in a UN sanctions committee report in September. 1990-built, PRK-flagged, 4,884 gt Jang Jin Gang is owned and managed by Jangjingang Shipping Of Pyongyang, North Korea,

Chemical/oil products tanker PV Alliance (IMO 9081239), which was one of several vessels impacted by typhoon Matmo in central Vietnam at the end of October, has not yet been refloated. Port authorities required the owner to remove the oil on board the vessel and to prepare to prevent any spillage of oil. The vessel has about 16 tons of diesel oil and 660 tons fuel oil on board. The vessel could not yet be salvaged because another typhoon was approaching. Workers were trying to secure the vessel in its current position to prevent it from being pushed further aground by strong waves, possibly adding to hull damage and potential oil spill. 1994-built, Vietnam-flagged, 3,581 gt PV Alliance is owned and managed by Alliance Logistics Management of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is entered with Shipowners’ Club.

Cargo ship Ferbec (IMO 9259848) suffered a crack in one of its fuel tanks while bunkering diesel oil in Sorel, Quebec, Canada on October 30th. Temporary repairs were carried out. The ship left Sorel again late on November 3rd. 2002-built, Canada-flagged, 27,198 gt Ferbec is owned and managed by CSL Group Inc of Montreal, Canada. It is entered with Britannia on behalf of CSL Group Inc. It is entered for H&M with Swiss Re Intl SE, UK branch, with Gard having a subscription position, on behalf of CSL Group Inc.

Chemical tanker Hoyu (IMO 9511105), which suffered  a fire off Singapore us being salvaged by Smit in cooperation with its long standing partner Nippon Salvage. Boka Alpine and KST  and a 15 men strong fire-fighting/salvage team with specialized equipment have been deployed. After the fire was brought under control an assessment was carried out. The vessel was deemed safe and was towed to Singapore by the Boka Alpine. She arrived in Singapore on November 12th. A fire broke out in the superstructure of Hoyu on November 7th while she was near the Horsburgh Lighthouse in the Eastern Singapore Strait. The ship was fully loaded with a cargo of oil products and was en route from Singapore to Jasaan. The fire engulfed the wheelhouse. The crew of 18 was evacuated. 2009-built, Panama-flagged, 5,459 gt Hoyu is owned by Hosho Shipping SA care of manager Sampo Unyu Co Ltd of Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan. It is entered with Japan Club (Tokyo Office) on behalf of Honsho Shipping.

Yacht Sunsail 4017 issued a mayday distress message on November 11th, stating that she was taking on water and sinking in a position north-west of the Cowes Entrance off the Isle of Wight. The yacht had a crew of three Swiss on board. They reported that the vessel had lost her rudder and was taking on water after she apparently snagged the anchor chain of No 2 buoy at the entrance of Cowes Harbour. As the yacht began drifting westwards, all the time becoming more waterlogged, the Calshot RNLI lifeboat, a police launch, a Cowes Harbour launch, and a catamaran and two car ferries belonging to Red Funnel went to the rescue. Two of the yacht’s crew were quickly taken off by the crew transport craft. The yacht was boarded by two of the Cowes lifeboat crew with a salvage pump, but they found there was just too much water to be effective. As it was clear the yacht would eventually sink, everyone was taken off the craft, and Cowes Harbour released a tow line to take the yacht further away from the shipping lane. The sinking finally occurred off Gurnard, leaving just part of the mast above the water. A marker buoy was put in place by the Cowes Harbour launch as a warning to other vessels. The yacht had been on passage from Portsmouth to Cowes when the incident occurred.