Marine accident round-up : 14th May 2019

High-speed craft Flying Dolphin Erato (IMO 8861448) suffered vibrations at its port side propeller during the morning of May 6th prior to its arrival at the port of Loutraki-Glossa, Skopelos. There were 44 passengers on board. The vibrations were possibly the result of the impact of an obstruction. The vessel was on her scheduled service from Alonissos to Skopelos (Loutraki-Glossa), Skiathos and Volos, was able to proceed safely to Loutraki-Glossa. Upon its arrival, a diver inspected the propellers and discovered that the port side propeller had sustained a broken blade. The port authority detained the vessel in port. Later, it permitted the vessel to conduct a single passage without passengers or cargo to Volos, where the vessel was to undergo repairs. The passengers were transferred to another vessel for onward transportation. 1991-built, Greece-flagged, 162 gt Flying Dolphin Erato is owned by Aegean Flying Dolphin VI and managed by Aegean Flying Dolphins Shipping Co, both of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Shipowners’ Club on behalf of Aegean Flying Dolphins VI Shipping Co.

General cargo ship Waterway (IMO 9143594) ran aground late on May 7th near Zumaia, East of Bilbao in the Bay of Biscay, while the captain was waiting for orders. Four crew members were rescued about four hours later by a helicopter from Salvamento Marítimo and taken to Santander. The captain, who remained on board the ship, managed to refloat and take her to deeper water. The vessel headed to the port of Bilbao, escorted by María de Maeztu, and berthed at the Vizcaya Dock during the afternoon of May 8th. 1996-built, St Vincent & Grenadines-flagged, 1,143 gt Waterway is owned by Waterway Shipping care of manager Baltnautic Shipping Ltd of Klaipeda, Lithuania. It is entered with British Marine on behalf of Waterway Shipping Ltd.

High-speed Passenger/Cargo RoRo Express 1 (IMO 9501590) was in collision in dense fog with Polish charter fishing vessel Baltic Condor Just after the ferry’s departure from Rønne, Denmark, on May 10th, bound for Ystad, Sweden. The chartered vessel had nine guests and three crew on board. One man fell overboard. He was rescued from the water and taken to shore, suffering from breathing problems and a suspected broken rib. An SAR boat towed the Baltic Condor back to port, where she was safely berthed. 2009-built, Denmark-flagged, 10,879 gt Express 1 is owned and managed by Molslinjen AS of Aarhus, Denmark. It is entered with Skuld (Skuld Copenhagen unit) on behalf of Molslinjen AS.

General cargo ship Hav Nordic (IMO 8719085) ran aground at Skagen, Denmark during the morning of May 10th. The ship refloated herself and berthed at the Sildemels Quay about an hour later. She was detained by the Defense Command and the Danish Maritime Authority upon arrival at port for inspections and surveys. 1990-built, Faroe Islands-flagged, 2,030 gt Hav Nordic is owned and managed by Frakt & Sandsoelan SPF of Runavik, Faroe Islands.

After cargo ship New Beginning (IMO 9622796) left New Caledonia with cargo of nickel ore on May 8th, bound for Japan, the bulk carrier developed a list. This was getting worse on May 9th and on May 10th the crew reported to the responsible MRCC, that the cause was the liquefying of the cargo. The ship turned back and returned to Ngo Bay, New Caledonia, , where she arrived in the morning of May 12th. A 10-degrees list was detected during anchoring. 2013-built, Panama-flagged, 31,768 gt is owned by New Blossom Maritime SA care of manager Hsin Chien Marine Co Ltd of Taipei, Taiwan. It is entered with Japan Club (Tokyo Office in charge) on behalf of New Blossom Maritime SA.