Marine accident round-up : 14th July 2023

Water levels on the River Rhine in Germany are rising after heavy rain in southern regions but are still too shallow in northern and central areas for cargo vessels to sail fully loaded, commodity traders said on Wednesday July 12th.

Cement carrier Montok (IMO 9290218) suffered a propulsion failure, possibly a propeller issue, on July 9th off the southern Hainan island coast, while en route from Vietnam to Hong Kong. The vessel had 6,000 tons of cement on board. It was taken on tow during the morning of July 10th to Sanya anchorage, southern Hainan, where it remained anchored as of July 12th.

2004-built, Indonesia-flagged, 7,320 gt Montok is owned by Transportasi Curah Indonesia care of manager Andalas Bahtera Baruna of Jakarta, Indonesia.

The battery compartment of electric passenger/vehicle RoRo ferry Ellen (IMO 9805374) was reported to have caught fire on July 11th, disabling the ship, which runs between Danish ports Soby Havn and Fynshav. The fire was quickly extinguished by foam automatic firefighting system. The batteries have to be replaced, so the ferry will stay out of schedule until July 17th. As of July 13th the vessel was moored at Soeby, Denmark.

2019-built, Denmark-flagged, 996 gt Ellen is owned by AEro Kommune and managed by AErofaergerne of Aeroskobing, Denmark.

Tankship Northsea 1 (IMO 9334296) suffered an engine malfunction off the Dardanelles coast near Uzunburun on July 4th. The Çanakkale VTH Centre co-ordinated the tug Kurtarma 13 taking the ship in tow to the Şevketiye Anchorage. After repairs the ship continued its voyage.

2006-built, Liberia-flagged, 3,991 gt Northsea I is owned by HS Northsea I Ltd of Monrovia, Liberia. ISM manager is Maritas Fleet Pvt of Navi Mumbai, Mahashtra, India. As of July 13th the vessel was operating with restricted manoeuvrability in the Lakonikos Gulf.