Marine accident round-up : 13th July 2023

Hopper Dredger Admiral Day (IMO 7110555) was reported to have suffered a complete steering failure early on July 5th while en route from Ellesmere to Eastham, north-west England. Three crew members were on board at the time. The vessel was purposely grounded on a sandbank and dropped anchor when 2.1nm from the Eastham Locks at around dawn on July 5th. The vessel was on route to a dredging location at time of incident. After grounding the autopilot was switched off and manual steering was regained. A tug helped it to Runcorn, where as of July 12th the vessel remained moored.

1971-built, UK-flagged, 355 gt Admiral Day is owned and managed by Wyre Marine Services Ltd of Fleetwood, UK. It is entered with West of England Club (European Claims Team) on behalf of Tom Bagley Groundworks Ltd.

Container ship Wan Hai 312 (IMO 9248693) came into contact with the waterfront embankment at Kaohsiung Port during the evening of July 10th, right across Coast Guard Station near Kaohsiung VTS. The vessel had been leaving Kaohsiung with tug assistance. The port infrastructure was reported to have suffered substantial damage, including to navigational marks and street lamps. The container ship was ordered to anchor at Kaohsiung anchorage, and to await a damage assessment report. As of July 12th the vessel was at anchor in Kaohsiung.

2006-built Singapore-flagged, 27,800 gt  Wan Hai 32 is owned by Wan Hai Lines Singapore Pte of Singapore. It is managed by Wan Hai Lines Ltd of Taipei, Taiwan. It is entered with Gard AS on behalf of Wan Hai Lines (Singapore) Pte Ltd. For hull it is entered with Gard (claims leader) with Wan Hai Lines Ltd.