Marine accident round-up : 13th July 2018

The salvaging of live fish carrier Seikongen (IMO 9793985) in Chiloé, Chile, was scheduled to start on July 12th at 08:00 local time in the Bay of Pilpilehue in the commune of Chonchi (Los Lagos Region). Righting will start by pumping water from inside, a process that will last for a week, with righting and refloating proceeding hand-in-hand. IMN has been informed that Seikongen, which sank last year, had its P&I cover moved at the recent renewal from Hanseatic to West of England’s fixed P&I programme, although this is not currently reflected in WoE’s online database.

The dismantling of passenger/cargo RoRo Mestre Simao (IMO 9690482) which ran aground in the port of Madalena at Pico Island on January 6th, was deemed completed by the Captain of the Port on July 9th. The bulk of the metallic material was sent for recycling to the Portuguese mainland. 2013-built, Portugal-flagged, 748 gt Mestre Simao is owned and managed by Atlanticoline SA of Ponta Delgada, Azores.

The former Lady Aziza general cargo ship (IMO 8917716) also known as Yahya Junior has left the dock of Ravenna, eastern Italy, where it was moored and seized after a collision with Turkish cargo vessel Gokbel in December 2014, costing the lives of six sailors left under tow on the evening of July 9th, bound for Alexandria, Egypt. The plan is to return her to operational capability. The ship had been purchased in an auction in January for €650,000. During the morning of December 28th 2014 the ship struck the port side of cargo m/v Gokbel, which sank within a few minutes, leading to the death of Gokbel’s captain and four others. Criminal proceedings ended on May 24, 2018 after the prosecution agreed to a plea bargaining for crimes of negligence and negligent homicide. Both masters were found to be at fault for the collision due to lack of vigilance. 1991-built, Togo-flagged, 3,828 gt Lady Aziza/Yahya Junior appears to be entered under the name Yahya Junior with British Marine, on behalf of Raouf Maritime Co (based in Tartous, Syria).

General cargo ship Pasha (IMO 8213718) began to list to starboard during the afternoon of July 9th at the port of Tenes, Algeria, just as it was about to unload 4,092 tons of melamine wood panels. There were 13 crew members, on board, 12 Syrians and one Egyptian. Eleven people were injured: two crew members and nine dockers. The injuries were mainly minor, with most of the injured able to leave the hospital after treatment. Port company ETP have mobilized the necessary means to straighten the ship. The list was apparently caused by cargo shift. 1986-built, Cook Islands-flagged, 4,921 gt Pasha is owned by Med Net Shipping Trading Inc of Panama City, Panama. Manager is Aknur Denizcilik Ve Dis of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with London Club on behalf of Med net Shipping Trading Inc.

General cargo ship Wilson Hobro (IMO 9229128) was in collision with small French fishing vessel L’Amarante off Le Havre shortly after midnight on July 11th. The cargo ship was en route from Rouen, France, to Kolding, Denmark, with a crew of eight on board. L’Amarante was able to continue on her way to Honfleur after the lookout at Le Havre informed the CROSS Jobourg of the collision. On its way it was regularly monitored by the CROSS Jobourg until arriving in port at 4 a.m. The fishing vessel had suffered damage to the wheelhouse. Wilson Hobro also continued her voyage with an ETA of July 14th. 2001-built, Barbados-flagged, 2,896 gt Wilson Hobro is owned by Wilson Shipowning care of manager Wilson Eurocarriers AS of Bergen, Norway. It is entered with Gard P&I Club (Bermuda).

Container ship NP Lovegistics 2 (IMO 9704570) suffered an electrical short circuit and went adrift, losing 17 containers, after being caught in rough weather in Trang Province waters near Koh Lao Liang island in the Andaman Sea, eastern Indian Ocean, on July 10th. The ship was en route from Kantang port, Trang, southern Thailand, to Port Klang at the time. The Trang marine police sent a patrol boat to help, but while the patrol boat was still heading to the ship, it was informed that the power system had been restored. However, 17 containers on the ship’s deck were washed overboard. The marine police advised the captain to bring the ship to dock at the Trang pier in Tambon Na Klua of the Kantang district pending a retrieval operation. There were no injuries. 2011-built, Thailand-flagged, 1,760 gt NP Lovegistics 2 is entered with Shipowners’ Club on behalf of SC Management Co Ltd.