Marine accident round-up : 13th January 2020

Samples taken by the technicians of ARPAS at the grounding site of cargo ship CDRY Blue (IMO 9504619) on January 7th showed no environmental damage on the coast. The vessel ran aground with a cargo of coffee on December 21st on the south-west coast of Sardinia in Torre Cannai in the Municipality of Sant’Antioco.

The technicians excluded the presence of hydrocarbons on the seabed and the water surface water at the cliffs of Capo Sperone in Sant’Antioco. The controls will continue until the end of the recovery operations. The operations carried out to protect the environmental integrity so far have made it possible to reduce the risks of pollution. During the morning of January 8th the Mayor of Sant’Antioco Ignazio Locci received the Regional Councillor for the Defence of the Environment, Gianni Lampis, who was visiting the island to personally verify the state of implementation of the safety measures. Together with the Regional Councillor, the  Civil Protection, the Coast Guard, ARPAS as well as representatives of the various other sides engaged in the operations, such as Carabinieri or Forestry Corps, a technical meeting was held in the Mayor’s office, in which Councillor Gianni Lampis confirmed the absence of environmental damage. 2010-built, Italy-flagged, 5,639 gt CDRY Blue is owned by R&S Maritime care of manager Nuova Naviservice Srl of Naples, Italy.

Chemical/oil products tanker Stone 1 (IMO 9380582) broke loose from its moorings during the morning of January 4th during a severe storm that hit Åbenrå, southern Denmark. She was unloading oil at the Ensted plant at the time, and an unknown amount of vacuum oil leaked into the water before the pumps could be stopped. A major environmental response followed, involving the Danish Navy’s patrol vessel Diana, and the Marine Home Guard’s local vessel MHV 910 – Ringen. The ships deployed floating oil barriers in the fjord off the power station where the tanker had been docked. The oil contaminated about 300 metres of the beach at Varnæs, southeast of the power station posing a risk to bird and wildlife in the affected area. The pollution was contained during the afternoon, but work on removing the oil from the beach continued on January 5th. On January 6th the Stone 1 remained detained at anchor at the northern spit of Als. The anti-pollution work continued in the area with 46 personnel of the Danish Navy and Home Guard. About 30 cubic metres of oil was spilled.

2008-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 23,248 gt Stone 1 is owned by Stone Shipping LLC care of manager Scorpio Commercial Management of Monaco. ISM manager is Zenith Gemi Isletmeciligi AS of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with Standard Club (European division) on behalf of Stone Shipping LLC.

General cargo ship Nevado 35 (IMO 9361988) ran aground early on December 25th 2019 in the Şarköy area, Tekirdağ, Turkey, after suffering a rudder failure . There was a crew of 11 Russians on board. The captain tried for two days to refloat the ship but eventually had to request assistance from the General Directorate of Coastal Safety. Divers surveyed the hull, and a tug was called, but adverse weather conditions prevented any progress. As of January 4th the ship was still stuck and a lightering operation of the 2.970 tons sunflower meal from Yeisk cargo had been started. Tug Kurtarma 4 (IMO: 9335941) remained by the vessel on standby. The Nevado 35 was refloated after lightering of about 50 % of the cargo. The vessel dropped anchor of Tekirdag on January 5th.

2006-built, Russia-flagged, 2,604 gt Nevado-35 is owned by Daxos Ventures Ltd care of manager Albros Shipping & Trading Co of istanbul, Turkey. ISM manager is Adores LLC of Rostov on Don, Russia. It is entered with West of England Club (Eastern Claims Team) on behalf of Albros Shipping And Trading LLC.

The front half of tank barge Therese Straub was beached in Aliaga on December 19th. A convoy had sailed from Dordrecht on October 12th, bound to Dakar. The foreship of the tanker broke in two in stormy seas, without its towing vessel noticing, so only the front half reached its destination. It was sold to Turkish breakers. The aft had been towed to Brest following the shipwreck. The tank barge was being towed by the Polish tug Arion (IMO 8136506) of the company Zaklad Uslug Zeglugowych (ZUZ) 30 miles NNW of Ushant. The broken-off foreship was 40 meters long. The tug crew told the authorities that they had not have noticed anything amiss until the German container ship Sajir observed the drifting stern on October 15th. The final destination of the tanker was to have been Cote d’Ivoire. 1982-built, Moldova-flagged, 330 gt tug Arion is owned and managed by Otto Wulf GmbH Co KG of Cuxhaven, Germany,

Chemical/oil products tanker Noor One (IMO 5039707) was found with a 20 degree list during the morning of January 6th by officials of the Eleusis Port Authority, Greece. The seized ship was half submerged with its starboard side stern. An oil barrier was laid out around the ship. In 2014 the Greek coastguard discovered a two-tonne drug cache, mainly heroin, aboard the Noor One and in a warehouse near Athens. A total of 15 people have been jailed as a result. 1963-built, 627 gt Noor One is owned by Axia Shiptrading SA care of Bronte Ventures Inc of Athens, Greece.

Six containers fell from the deck of boxship Medkon Istanbul (IMO 9103386) into the sea off the Bozcaada district of Çanakkale on January 6th during a severe storm in the Northern Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara, Turkey. The ship was en route from Gemlik to Izmir. She dropped anchor north of Bozcaada after the incident. The captain reported the situation to the Dardanelles Strait Vessel Traffic Services Directorate (VTS). 1995-built, Panama-flagged, 6,285 gt Medkon Istanbul is owned by Medkon Istanbul SA care of manager Medkon Lines of Istanbul, Turkey. ISM manager is Okyanus Ege Denizcilik Ticaret of Istanbul, Turkey.