Marine accident round-up : 13th February 2020

Chemical/oil products tanker Düzgit Dignity (IMO 9581019) allided with the wall of the new Northern lock of the Kiel Canal late on February 11th while en route from Rotterdam. The wall suffered damage at the height of the gate, and loose stones had to be removed after the impact. The police in Brunsbüttel was called to investigate the incident. The ship was allowed to resume its voyage towards the Baltic Sea a couple of hours later. 2014-built, Turkey-flagged, 5,770 gt Duzgit Dignity is owned and managed by Duzgit Gemi Insa Sanayi AS of Istanbul, Turkey. ISM manager is DSM Gemi Isletmeciligi AS of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with Britannia Club on behalf of Duzgit Gemi Insa Sanayi AS.

Cargo ship OOCL Rauma (IMO 9462794) lost five containers in stormy seas 43 km from Ameland, Netherlands, during the afternoon of February 11th while en route from Kotka to Rotterdam. In the early evening the Coastguard announced that they saw two closed containers floating in the sea from their aircraft and one open container. Paper rolls may have drifted away from the open container. During the night the vessel lost another two containers with unknown contents 60km northwest of Terschelling, bringing the lost cargo to a total of seven containers, of which three were loaded with paper and cardboard. 2009-built, Netherlands-flagged, 17,488 gt OOCL Rauma is owned by Elysee Bewaarder BV care of JR Ship Management of Harlingen, Netherlands. It is entered with British Marine on behalf of JR Shipping BV.

Cargo ship Surya Pekik (IMO 8912857) sank in the ship channel of the Kapuas River, Kubu Raya Regency, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, during the late evening of February 9th. The ship was scheduled to be auctioned through the Office of State Assets and Auction Services (KPKLN, having been detained in a corruption case.

1993-built, Indonesia-flagged, 3,972 gt Surya Pekik is owned and managed by Sarana Bahtera Irja PT of Surabaya, Indonesia.

General cargo ship Kobarid (IMO 9589578) allided with cargo ship Alicia 8 (IMO 9403798) after their anchor chains got entangled at the Y1 anchorage in Yokohama before dawn on February 9th. After having untied their anchors, both the vessels were berthed in the port. The Kobarid left port again early on February 11th.

2010-built, Panama-flagged, 8,718 gt Kobarid is owned by Cybele Shipping SA care of manager Lizstar (Singapore) Pte. It is entered with Japan Club (Imabari Office In Charge) on behalf of Cybele Shipping SA.

2007-built, panama-flagged, 8,657 gt Alicia 8 is owned by Alicia Eight SA care of manager Shenzhen Daxi Marine Shipping Co Ltd of Guangdong, China. It is entered with Japan Club (Tokyo Office in charge) on behalf of Alicia Eight SA.