Marine accident round-up : 13th August 2019

After fishing boat Coelleira (IMO 7023063) was deemed unrecoverable and a constructive total loss on August 8th, the Maritime Coast Guard Agency discussed with the insurer how to remove it from the rocky islet of the Vee Skerrries, in the Shetland archipelago, after draining the fuel and oil to avoid contamination. The 20 tons of fish on board were deemed lost. The wreck was to be scuttled in a suitable place where it does not affect navigation or fishing. On behalf of the owners of the Coelleira, Eduardo Míguez, attached to the general director of Puerto de Celeiro, confirmed that the ship was a total loss after almost four days aground northwest of Papa Stour. The last salvage attempt took place during the afternoon of August 7th. Late in the afternoon when the tide was low the ship slipped further and ended up on its port side. Water had already entered the refrigerators; as the tilt increased, it flooded the entire ship.

During manoeuvring operations of RoRo cargo ship Kapetan Christos (IMO 7026613) in the port of Serifos, Greece, the mobile part of the ramp allided with the port’s main pier lamp, causing damage to the base of the battery box and distortion to the lamp frame, although there was no damage to the ramp. The port of Serifos initially banned the ferry from leaving. After a certificate of inspection by the attending classification society was issued, the ferry was allowed to leave for Milos and Naxos port. 1970-built, Greece-flagged, 3,633 gt Kapetan Christos is owned and managed by Aigialis Shipping Co of Piraeus, Greece. It is entered with Carina on behalf of Aigialis Shipping Co.

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issued a safety notice on August 6th following the report of an incident between offshore supply ship Grampian Explorer (IMO 9223473) and an offshore platform in the North Sea. The incident occurred on June 6th at the Brae Alpha installation when the supply ship ran into the platform, causing damage to both the vessel and the rig. No one was hurt in the incident, although HSE said the incident had caused a risk of injury to employees. 2003-built, UK-flagged, 2,244 gt Grampian Explorer is owned by North Star Holdco Ltd and managed by North Star Shipping Aberdeen, both of Aberdeen, UK. It is entered with British Marine on behalf of North Star Holdco Ltd.

Cargo ship Mehmet Bay (IMO 9045601) ran aground on August 7th in the Fethiye district of Muğla, Turkey. The ship, loaded with wheat, had already encountered technical difficulties on August 2nd in Samos and had run aground there while fixing the problem. On August 7th she called Fethiye Bay to change some crew and replenish provisions, but ran aground five metres from the shore in the evening while approaching the anchorage, while manoeuvring to avoid a collision with a fishing vessel. The master did not request external assistance.

2000-built, Malta-flagged, 6,055 gt Mehmet Bay is owned by Eurasia North Shipping Ltd care of manager Unimarin Denizcilik of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with Hanseatic.

Transport Canada was investigating the explosion aboard cargo ship Minoan Glory (IMO 9364447) which blew open a hatch and released a large white plume of smoke near the Lions Gate Bridge. Following the explosion the hold’s contents vented in a process called fumigation. There was no fire, nor were there any injuries. Transport Canada will only allow the vessel to depart after the federal agency has reviewed its seaworthiness and structural integrity. The agency has dispatched a marine safety inspector to assess whether the ship was complying with cargo fumigation and tackle regulations. A qualified marine surveyor will also inspect the extent of the damage and what repairs are needed. There were 22 crew members and a pilot were on board at the time of the incident. The RCMP and the Vancouver Port Authority were also investigating the case. The ship remained stationary as of August 8th. 2006-built, Liberia-flagged, 40,492 gt Minoan Glory is owned by Ostria Navigation SA care of manager Modion Maritime Management SA of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Gard P&I on behalf of Ostria Navigation SA. For H&M it is entered with Generali Marine SpA on behalf of Modion Maritime Management SA, with Gard having a subscription position.