Marine accident round-up : 13th April 2023

The Bangladesh Shipping Corporation (BSC) has claimed to have received $14.37m from insurer Sadharan Bima Corp on March 21st as compensation for the total loss of bulk carrier Banglar Samriddhi (IMO 9793832), which was hit by a Russian Navy missile on March 2nd 2022 while it was moored on Oktyabrsk anchorage, Ukraine. According to local reports, BSC said that it made an initial insurance claim on March 8th of around $22.8m from Sadharan Bima Corp, which insured the ship’s hull. During the issuance claim, the BSC gave a formal Notice of Abandon to the issuer and presented a claim for constructive total loss (CTL). BSC was reported to have said that, as per the Blocking & Trapping Clause of the insurance contract, it was paid $14.37m as compensation, excluding insurance premiums.

Shortly after the incident Reuters reported that the war risk cover was provided by Dhaka-based Sadharan Bima Corp and reinsured into the London market through broker Tysers. With the Dakar-based Bangladeshi insurer retaining only 10% of the risk. That would mean about $13m of the liability found its way into the London market.

2018-built, 25,818 gt Banglar Samriddhi is owned and managed by Stork Shipping Co of Majuro, Marshall Islands. The vessel had previously been listed as entered with Skuld (Business Unit Skuld Singapore International) on behalf of BSC (see IMN March 21st 2022 and other March 2022 dates). Ståle Hansen, Skuld president and CEO, confirmed at the time that the vessel was entered with them for P&I, adding that “given the war circumstance of this casualty, this loss is being handled by war underwriters”.

Rescue vessel Geo Barents (IMO 9252503) picked up 440 migrants which it dropped off at the port of Brindisi on April 7th. The Italian authorities said that 100 people were to disembark from the Geo Barents after a transhipment to an Italian naval vessel off the coast of Sicily. After this operation, the Geo Barents proceeded to Brindisi, the assigned port for the disembarkation of the 339 other people. As of April 12th the vessel was moored at Augusta, Italy, where it arrived on April 9th.

Livestock carrier Alfa Livestock (IMO 6422303) suffered an engine malfunction off the Türkeli Lighthouse at the entrance of the Bosphorus on April 6thm while en route from Batumi, Georgia, to Port Said, Egypt. Tug Kurtarma 8 went to assist and towed the vessel to Büyükdere anchorage. As of April 12th the vessel was underway in the Red Sea.

1964-built, Togo-flagged, 1,446 gt Alfa Livestock is owned by Obial Shipping Co Ltd of Mersin, Turkey. It is managed by Black Sea Ship management of Constanta, Romania.

Cargo ship TQ Ordu (IMO 9199206), which suffered an engine failure off Şile, Turkiye, on February 5th, and was berthed at the Yasarsan shipyard in Altinova, Turkiye for repairs on February 15th, was shifted from the repair pier to dry dock for replacement of deformed steel members in the bottom section. Upon completion of repairs, tightness tests and welding x-ray inspection will be applied to the steel-replaced-locations. Measurements and maintenance of the rudder, main shaft, propeller and pertinent connection were also being carried out in the dry dock. As of April 12th the vessel was moored at Yalova.

2000-built, Turkey-flagged, 25,543 gt TQ Ordu is owned and managed by HGFH Denizcilik Ltd Sti of Istanbul, Turkey.