Marine accident round-up : 12th May 2023

On May 8th the removal of vehicles from passenger/vehicle RoRo Royce 1 (IMO 9807205), which suffered a fire on its cargo deck shortly after leaving Pier 3 of Merak port, Java, on May 6th, was paused because a truck’s tires had caught fire. Truck drivers queued to collect the belongings they had left in the lorries. Officers were forced to remove cargo from trucks that were blocking the movement of other vehicles. The vessel was tilting 20 degrees. There were nearly 100 vehicles of various types on board. The Water Police of the Banten Regional Police and the National Police Headquarters Laboratory for Research have been investigating the cause of the fire.

2016-built, Indonesia-flagged, 7,288 gt Royce I is owned and managed by Damai Lintas Samudra PT.

The master of the dredger Lemsterland, which allided with a bridge on the Northern Elbe in Hamburg during a storm on January 30th 2022 was sentenced by the district court on May 8th to a fine of €2,700. The defendant who had an alcohol level of 1.5 per thousand at the time odf the accident, accepted the verdict. The master had cast off during storm Nadia and sailed upstream. After a few minutes, the ship slammed into the bridge. The captain and his deckhand were not injured, but damage was estimated at nearly €780,000. The public prosecutor said that damage costing €460,000 was suffered by the bridge, which connects Hafencity with the Veddel district. The impact deformed a cross member and damaged a longitudinal member connection. A wind bracing was completely destroyed, and a damaged gas line had to be sealed off. The bridge remained closed to traffic for four months. The closure also delayed a renovation of a motorway because the damaged bridge was not available as an alternative route. The damage to the ship cost €297,000, while salvage costs amounted to almost €22,000. It was unclear whether civil claims would be taken against the Dutch captain. The district court did need to discuss how the accident happened because the captain had accepted the penalty order.