Marine accident round-up : 12th June 2019

Three people were missing and two injured on Tuesday June 11th after a blast on oil products tanker VF Tanker-16 (IMO 9645059) caused a fire while it was pumping oil in the southern Russian port of Makhachkala, according to a report from the Russian Transport Ministry said. The port is functioning as normal despite the incident, according to the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transportation. Russian news agencies said the three missing people were dead. 2013-built, Russia-flagged, 5,075 gt VF Tanker-16 is owned and managed by Volga Shipping JSC of Novgorod, Russia. It is entered with Shipowners’ Club on behalf of JSC Volga Shipping.

Update: On June 9th chemical/oil products tanker Nu-Shi Nalini (IMO 9619608) was still anchored off the Outer roads of the Cochin port, attended by a tug. The vessel owners have approached the Indian Ministry of Shipping for permission to tow the vessel inside the Cochin port to get the vessel repaired at Cochin Shipyard. Following the directives of the Ministry, the Cochin port called for a meeting with all stakeholders to discuss on the matter and how to execute the operation most safely. The owners were also understood to have found a Dubai-based buyer for the cargo of Naphtha, after the original buyer had declined to complete the sale because of alleged contamination. Plans to the tanker to port from its anchorage 12 miles off Kochi were hampered by a legal dispute between the salvor contractor and sub-contractors. She has been floating off the coast since June 13th 2018 following an explosion in the engine room. Following the detection of naphtha leakage, salvage operations started in January. Transferring the explosive cargo to another tanker was halted following payment issues between salvor Lots Shipping Pvt Ltd and Mumbai-based subcontractor Reliable Marine Services & Logistics Pvt Ltd. An admiralty suit was filed by the subcontractor and the High Court ordered the Coast Guard to arrest the ship.

2012-built, India-flagged, 11,246 gt Nu Shi Nalini is owned by Arya Ship Charterers Pvt Ltd care of manager Elektrans Shipping Pvt of Mumbai, India.

Fire-damaged containership Yantian Express (IMO 9229831) has discharged all her containers ashore in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and departed the port on June 2nd. Yantian Express is currently sailing to Morocco’s Tangier Med, where it is scheduled to arrive on June 12th. Hapag Lloyd said that for all secured cargo, oncarriage/transshipment arrangements were well in progress to expedite the forwarding of containers to their contractual place of delivery. There were still more than 200 containers in Halifax for which GA and salvage security had not been provided. Yantian Express was sailing for Asia for repairs. The vessel had to load back empty containers to achieve the necessary stability criteria for a subsequent safe passage to Asia where it would undergo permanent repairs, Hapag Lloyd said. Yantian Express suffered a fire while sailing some 650nm off the Canadian coast in the North Atlantic in January 2019. A month later, the Yantian Express berthed in Freeport, Bahamas, for evaluation. 2002-built, Germany-flagged, 7,500 teu, 320-metre, 88,493 gt Yantian Express is owned and managed by Hapag-Lloyd of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with Britannia Club on behalf of Hapag-Lloyd.

The Israeli Navy was reported to have arrested a stowaway on board container ship MSC Canberra (IMO 9102722), which was moored outside Haifa Port, after the man tried to set the vessel on fire. The incident occurred around 03:00 local time on Sunday June 9th and was attended to by the Shayetet 13 commando unit after the situation was assessed using drones. The stowaway was a Turkish citizen. He has now been handed over to the police. MSC Canberra had sailed from the Turkish port of Mersin on Friday. There were no reports of injuries, and the incident is suspected to be criminal rather than terror-related. 1995-built, Panama-flagged, 29,181 gt MSC Canberra is owned by Canberra Naviera Co SA care of manager MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co of Geneva, Switzerland. It is entered with UK P&I Club (London L3 Area Group) on behalf of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co.

Activists blocked cruise ship Zuiderdam (IMO 9221279) in Kiel, Germany for six hours on Sunday. After a major police operation, 46 people were taken into custody at 22:00, of whom 12 were detained overnight. The group had occupied a construction site crane at the quay during the afternoon. They blocked access to the bollards and crossed with small boats in front of the bow of the ship. Some people climbed on the bulge and mooring lines. The activists held up banners and refused to engage with the authorities. Eventually the police called on the demonstrators to leave the wharf, but they refused. Several of them continued in small boats and on the bulbours bow of the vessel. Shortly after 9 p.m., the police came with several boats and ended the blockade. During the morning of June 10th the police were still holding 12 people in order to clarify the identity of those who had no identity documents and were refusing to give any information. Criminal proceedings on suspicion of coercion, resistance and trespassing were initiated. Zuiderdam sailed at 21:50 and headed to Copenhagen, escorted by several boats of the water police to Strande bay. The ship could make up the delay by travelling faster.

2002-built, Netherlands-flagged, 82,820 gt Zuiderdam is owned by Hal Antillen NV care of managers Holland America Line NV of Seattle, Washington, USA. It is entered with UK Club (Area Group Americas G7) on behalf of Carnival Corp. It is entered with Gard for P&I Cover owners on behalf of Holland America Line. It is entered for H&M with Royal & SunAlliance, with Gard having a subscription position, on behalf of Carnival Corp.

A port worker was killed instantly by a snapped mooring line in Ancona, Italy during the morning of June 10th. The accident happened when cargo ship BF Philipp (IMO 9123324) was being moored at the ASE Terminal, coming from Trieste. 1996-built, Portugal-flagged, 4,986 gt BF Philipp is owned by Marfeeder Schiffahrts care of manager BF Shipmanagement GmbH & Co KG of Stade Niederelbe, Germany. It is entered with Hydor AS.