Marine accident round-up : 12th July 2019

Ferry Vasos K (IMO 8969094) sustained mechanical damage on July 8th, , following its scheduled ferry service from Kefalonia to Agios Nikolaos and Zante, Greece. The port authority subsequently detained the vessel until the engine was repaired and a certificate of seaworthiness was issued. 1997-built, Greece-flagged, 478 gt Vasos K is owned by Agios Gerasimos NE care of manager Taxiarchis Sea Lines Group of Kefallonia, Greece.

High-speed passenger ro/ro Andros Jet (IMO 9150987) sustained damage to its port main engine, while on a scheduled service from Andros to Rafina, Greece, on July 8th. The vessel had 264 passengers on board at the time. She was able to proceed safely to the port of Rafina, which detained the vessel in port, until the engine was repaired and a certificate of seaworthiness was issued. The passengers were transported to their destinations by another vessel. Subsequently, following the submission of a Class A certificate of seaworthiness, the Port Authority of Rafina permitted the vessel’s departure. 1997-built, Cyprus-flagged, 2,695 gt Andros Jet is owned by Virosia Co Ltd care of manager Sea Jets Maritime Co of Piraeus, Greece. It is entered with American Club on behalf of Virosia Co Ltd.

Passenger ro/ro Ano Hora II (IMO 9095979) sustained damage to a generator at the port of Igoumenitsa, Greece, during the late afternoon of July 9th while preparing for its departure to Corfu. The vessel was subsequently detained in port to conduct repairs, while the 181 passengers on board were transported to Corfu by passenger ro/ro Kerkyra Express. 2004-built, Greece-flagged, 2,109 gt Ano Hora II is owned and managed by Evagelistria Maritime Co Rio of Athens, Greece.