Marine accident round-up : 11th February 2020

Container ship MSC Regulus (IMO 9465291) broke loose from moorings at the Eurogate Terminal in the port of Hamburg during gale force winds of storm Ciara on February 9th. The ship had arrived from Felixstowe during the afternoon of February 8th. Two tugs were nearby and pushed the vessel back to her berth. 2012-built, Panama-flagged, 141,635 gt MSC Regulus is owned by CL Mars Ltd care of Mediterranean Shipping Co of Geneva, Switzerland. ISM manager is Mediterranean Shipping Co Srl of Piano di Sorrento, Italy. It is entered with UK P&I Club (Area Group E1 EMEA) on behalf of Conglomerate Maritime Ltd.

Cargo ship Celtic Freedom (IMO 9250414) suffered an engine failure on Kiel-Holtenau roads when approaching the Kiel Canal locks on February 9th while en route from Klaipeda. The ship immediately dropped anchor but this failed to secure her in position in the gale force winds. Around 17:00 the vessel drifted in an exclusion zone of the Navy off Kiel-Friedrichsort, and an emergency tug was called to assist. A towing connection was immediately established and initially pulled the vessel back to the port’s roads where another tug came to assist. At 18:20 the Celtic Freedom was berthed at the Lindenau Yard in Kiel-Friedrichsort. On February 10th the police started investigations on board and interrogated the crew. 2002-built, UK-flagged, 2,999 gt Celtic Freedom is owned and managed by Charles M Willie & Co Shipping of Cardiff, UK. It is entered with West of England Club (European Claims Team) on behalf of Charles M Willie (Shipping) Ltd.

Oil product tanker Amur (IMO 8810176), and chemical/oil products tanker Zaliv Vostok (IMO 9237711) were detained on February 9th by the Korean Maritime Police off Gunsan for an illegal STS operation in the Korean exclusive economic zone. The tankers were engaged in an oil transfer 15 miles west of Gunsan, without having requested formalities or obtained an authorization, apparently in order to avoid costs.

1991-built, Russia-flagged, 5,038 gt Amur is owned and managed by Kasatka Co Ltd of Primorskiy kray, Russia.

2002-built, Russia-flagged, 2,878 gt Zaliv Vostok is owned and managed by Nayada Co Ltd of Primorskiy Kray, Russia.

Eighteen people were saved after barge KKD-81 of the Satyam Balaji Rice company, with 600 tons of rice on board, capsized and sank in Kakinada before dawn on February 9th after encountering stormy seas and strong winds in the Bay of Bengal. The barge was on her way to the outer port to transfer the cargo onto bulk carrier Bar (IMO 9693496) which was to take the cargo to Senegal. The barge capsized when coming alongside the bulk carrier which was moored on Kakinada anchorage All casualties were safely brought ashore. The first steps to salvage the barge have been initiated, and the police started an investigation. 2014-built, Montenegro-flagged, 24,288 gt Bar is owned and managed by Barska Plovidba AD of Bar, Montenegro. It is entered with London Club on behalf of Barska Plovidba AD Bar.

Tug Endurance set off from Kodiak in the morning of February 9th to locate and document the wreckage of fishing vessel Scandies Rose, which went down with five of its seven member crew on New Year’s Eve. The tug headed to Sutwick to locate the Scandies and spend a few days doing sonar reports, and sending down a ROV to get pictures of the wreck. The Endurance was equipped with side-scan sonar and an ROV, which was operated by a crew from Global Diving and Salvage to find the wreck and get images of it to the agencies investigating the sinking. The Endurance will leave behind a buoy remembering the Scandies Rose and her crew. 1979-built, USA-flagged, 195 gt Scandies Rose is owned and managed by Scandies Rose Fishing of Bremerton, WA, USA.