Marine accident round-up : 10th November 2020

General cargo ship Sheksna (IMO 8876572) which had been detained in Sligo, Ireland, on October 16th, has been released. The vessel had been arrested two days after its arrival from the port of Sfax following a routine Irish Marine Survey Office (MSO) inspection of the ship after its arrival. The ship had been berthed at Deepwater Quay for almost a fortnight and had over 2,000 tonnes of olive stone granulate, which was discharged before the ship was impounded. The ship left Sligo during the afternoon of November 6th, en route to Taganrog, Russia.. 1994-built, Cameroon-flagged, 2,052 gt Sheksna is owned by Dartija Transports Ltd care of manager Openbridge Shipping LLC of St Petersburg, Russia.

General cargo ship Thanh Hung 08 (IMO 9612234) sank during the evening of November 6th in the waters of the Quang Nam Province, central Vietnam, while was en route from Cam Pha, northern Vietnam, to Vung Tau with a cargo of 5,300 tons of clinker. The ship suffered water ingress via faulty ventilation pipes and developed a portside list. Seven crew members were rescued, but five more were reported as missing, including the captain.

2014-built, Vietnam-flagged, 2,998 gt Thanh Hung 08 is owned and managed by Thanh Hung Real Estate Trading of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Refrigerated cargo ship Dafeng Mariner (IMO 8319031)  issued a distress signal during the afternoon of November 7th off Fujian Province in the Southern East China Sea. The reefer was en route from Mawei port to a yard in Zhejiang for repairs. The ship suffered water ingress in the cargo hold and the engine room and developed a portside list in rough weather conditions. It dropped anchor Southwest of the Matsu islands, expecting assistance. An SAR ship and it was decided to evacuate all 23 crew members, consisting of eight Indonesians and 15 Chinese. They were airlifted off the vessel by two helicopters.

1984-built, 3,170 gt Dafeng Mariner is owned by Hongkong He Yue Shipping Ltd care of manager  Fuzhou Lucky Ocean Shipping Services Co Ltd of Fuzhou, Fujian, China. ISM manager is Great Sources Shipping HKG of Hong Kong.

Two cargo ships collided head-on in Kiel Canal in Audorf area, near Rendsburg, during the morning of November 7th. Both ships sustained damage. One of them ran onto the embankment after the collision, but was understood to have later been taken off by tugs. One of the ships involved was general cargo ship Rix Star (IMO 9006277), which was transiting the Canal in a southerly direction, while the second was reported to be general cargo ship Rix Partner (IMO 9195212), which is operated by the same Latvian company and which was transiting the Canal in a northerly direction. As the evening of November 9th both ships were berthed in the Kiel Canal. The Rix Partner was understood to have suffered a hull breach in midship ballast tanks area.

1998-built, Portugal-flagged, 2,446 gt Rix Partner is owned by Rix Partner Shipping Ltd-MTA care of manager Rix Shipmanagement SIA of Riga, Latvia. It is entered with Carina on behalf of Rix Shipmanagement.

1991-built, Cyprus-flagged, 2,450 gt Rix Star is owned by Rix-Star Shipping Ltd care of Rix Shipmanagement SIA of Riga, Latvia. It is entered with Carina on behalf of Rix Shipmanagement.