Marine accident round-up : 10th May 2022

General cargo ship Permata Asia (IMO 9036545) sank on May 7th while north of Sangeang Island, Bima, Indonesia. The ship, which was loaded with cement, suffered water ingress in the engine room and headed towards Sangeang Island, perhaps with the aim of running aground to avoid sinking. However, while still 2nm off the northern coast of the island, the engine died and the ship sank. All 18 crew members were rescued.

1992-built, Indonesia-flagged, 1,381 gt Permata Asia is owned and managed by Sinar Era Asia PT of Medan, Indonesia.

Ro-ro ship MN Pelican (IMO 9170999) reported water ingress to MRCC Corsen, France during the evening of May 6th while in the Bay of Biscay. It was en route from Bilbao, Spain to Poole, UK at the time. SAR ship Abeille Bourbon responded, delivering the equipment required to get the water ingress under control. A helicopter transported a team of technicians to the vessel and eventually the water ingress was brought under control. The vessel diverted to Brest under its power, where it docked early on May 7th, and remained on the morning of May 9th.

1999-built, France-flagged, 12,076 gt MN Pelican is owned and managed by Maritime Nantaise MN SAS of Nantes, France.

Fire erupted in the hold of general cargo ship NS Sabina (IMO 8616635) during the morning of May 6th while it was docked at Ortona, Italy, on the Adriatic Sea. Billowing smoke triggered the fire alarm and local firefighters responded. The ship had to change berths to move away from nearby ships, one of which was a tanker. Some cargo had to be offloaded in order to get access to the hold and the bed of the fire. The fire was extinguished and no major damage was reported except to cargo packaging. It remained there on May 9th.

1986-built, Panama-flagged, 2,006 gt NS Sabina is owned and managed by Motega Shiptrade Ltd of Tirane, Albania. It is entered with British Marine on behalf of Motega Shiptrade Ltd.

Chemical/oil products tanker Gulf Petroleum 4 (IMO 9439345) suffered explosion and leak of carbon dioxide from a cylinder during the morning of May 6th while in the port of Tuzla, Turkey, where the vessel is undergoing repairs. Four or five people, mainly crew members, suffered from inhalation of gas. It remained NUC in Tuzla on May 9th.

2009-built, Liberia-flagged, 8,539 gt Gulf Petroleum 4 is owned by AA Marine Inc care of manager Gulf Shipping Services of Ajman, UAE.

Passenger/general cargo ship Sabuk Nusantara 91 (IMO 9848065) ran aground in the waters of Sapeken, Kangean Islands, Sumenep Regency, East Java, during the afternoon of May 5th, 30 minutes after leaving the port en route from Sapeken-Kangean to Kalianget Port. There were 22 crew members, 13 motorcycles and 434 passengers on board. An evacuation operation was carried out by small boats. The ferry managed to back from the reef in Sapatako Bay after several attempts later.

2019-built, Indonesia-flagged, 2,090 gt Sabuk Nusantara 91 is owned and managed by the Indonesian government.