Marine accident round-up : 10th June 2019

The Maritime Authority of Suriname has warned mariners that from June 7th until August 12th survey vessel Harrier Explorer will be conducting a seismic survey 150nm off the coast of Suriname. The survey vessel will be towing a 12.5km seismic cable. Vessels must maintain a safe distance of at least 8nm from Harrier Explorer. The authorities said that during the operation the survey vessel would be restricted in manoeuvrability. Vessel Shannon would be serving as a support vessel during the operations. Ship communication is through the VHF channels 16 and 68.

Chemical/oil products tanker Maersk Teesport (IMO 9726463) suffered an accidental spillage of 150 litres of oil during the morning of June 6th due to bad weather conditions while the vessel was off Saint-Gilles, Réunion. The vessel had been rolling heavily up to 35 degrees to port and starboard. 2016-built, Denmark-flagged, 29,445 gt Maersk Teesport is owned by Hai Kuo Shipping 1921T Ltd care of manager Maersk Tankers  of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is entered with Gard P&I Club on behalf of Hai Kuo Shipping 1921T Ltd. It is entered for H&M with Gard AS as claims leader on behalf of AP Moeller Maersk.

The wreck of Ocean Cooper 2, which sank near Pedra Branca on February 14th does not pose a risk to safety of navigation and will not affect traffic in the area, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) said on June 7th. The MPA said that the wreck was in Singapore territorial waters in the westbound lane of the traffic separation scheme, about three miles from Pedra Branca. The MPA deployed a craft to conduct a hydrographic survey of the wreck, which reported that it was located 41 metres below the surface, significantly deeper  than the deepest draught of any transiting vessels, which was 22 metres. The MPA said that it would update its nautical charts to indicate the location of the wreck and issue a notice to mariners to keep the maritime community updated.

Seal catcher Havsel (IMO 7817256) suffered water ingress in the engine room while in the Billefjord at the ice edge in Pyramiden during the morning of June 7th. There were 13 crew on board. The Norwegian Coastguard deployed patrol boat Nordkapp with dewatering pumps around 9 a.m. Offshore supply ship Polarsyssel and two helicopters from Sysselmannen were deployed with additional pumps. The situation was reported as being under control, but the crew donned survival suits and were ready for an evacuation. There was good weather in the area. Within 90 minutes the water ingress was stemmed. 1980-built, Norway-flagged, 300 gt Havsel is owned and managed by Fjord Havsel AS of Alta, Norway. She is entered with Gard P&I Club on behalf of Fjord Hvsel AS. She is entered with Gard AS for H&M.

RoRo cargo and passenger ship Mutiara Persada II (IMO 9105176) with 516 passengers on board ran aground off Rimau Balak island in the Sunda Strait on June 7, 2019, at 4.15 a.m. The ferry was en route from Merak Java to Bakauheni and approaching the port, when it got stuck with its starboard side foreship after having been caught by currents. After an initial attempt to pull the ship off with a tug, had failed, all passengers were evacuated and transferred to Bakauheni. The ship was still stuck at noon. 1995-built, Indonesia-flagged, 3,965 gt Mutiara Persada II is owned and managed by Atosim Lampung Pelayaran PT of Bandarlampung, Indonesia.