Marine accident round-up 10th February 2021

Cutting operations to separate section seven from the main body of wrecked car carrier Golden Ray in St Simon’s Sound, Brunswick, Georgia, USA, resumed on February 4th after a technical failure on February 3rd, when a joining link connecting the cutting chain to the pulley system had failed. That caused the chain to fall into the cutting groove on the topside of the wreck. No personnel were injured during the failure and no additional equipment was damaged. Cutting operations resumed once technicians had retrieved the chain and reattached it to the cutting apparatus. Response engineers estimated that 50% of the cutting operations have been completed for Section Seven. Divers continued to drill drainage holes along Section Two.

A dry dock barge assisted by tug Crosby Star has arrived in St. Simons Sound en route to a response staging site on the East River in Brunswick. This is the second of four dry dock barges to be used to stow and transit Sections Three, Four, Five and Six of the Golden Ray.

Emergency services were dispatched to general cargo ship Lady Alida (IMO 9760380) during the morning of February 6th to rescue a man who fell into a hold of the vessel while it was in the port of Vlaardingen. A cherry picker had to be used to hoist the man from the hold. The man was taken to hospital, apparently with either a broken leg or broken ankle.

2016-built, Netherlands-flagged, 2,544 gt Lady Alida is owned by Lady Alida BV care of Wijnne & Barends Cargadoors of Delfzjil, Netherlands. It is entered with Gard AS on behalf of Lady Alida BV.

Chemical/oil products tanker Stena Immaculate (IMO 9693018) contacted Salvamento Marítimo requested an urgent transfer of a crew member with peritonitis on February 8th while en route from Dumai, Indonesia to Algeciras, Spain. The vessel was close to its destination, only 26nm west of Tarifa, when the call was made. A helicopter was deployed to the ship and the Russian sailor was taken to Jerez airport, where an ambulance awaited him for further transport to hospital.

2017-built, Bermuda-flagged, 29,851 gt Stena Immaculate is owned by Stena Bulk Imoiimax IX Ltd care of manager Stena Bulk AS of Hellerup, Denmark. ISM manager is Northern Marine Management Ltd of Clydebank, Glasgow, UK. It is entered with Skuld (Business Unit Skuld Oslo 2) on behalf of Northern Marine Management Ltd.

Seven Italian crew members of bulk carrier Antonella Lembo (IMO 9476460) which has been stuck off the Chinese coast since June 2020, have arrived home, the first so to do. The ship, along with bulk carrier MBA Giovanni (IMO 9568598), both of Naples-based company Giovanni Bottiglieri, had remained stationary off the port of Huanghua because of the diplomatic dispute between China and Australia. Departing from Beijing airport and flying via Paris, the crew members arrived in Rome earlier this week. The seven Filipino seafarers remained on board the ship because a diplomatic solution has not yet been found that would allow them to disembark.

The crew of bulk carrier MBA Giovanni, comprising six Italians and 13 Filipinos, will remain on board until they can be replaced in a couple of weeks\ time.

2011-built, Italy-flagged, 51,255 gt Antonella Lembo is owned by Fertilia Srl care of manager Perseveranza SpA di Navigazione of Naples Italy. It is entered with Standard Club (European division) on behalf of Fertilia SpA.

2010-built, Italy-flagged, 51,255 gt MBA Giovanni is owned and managed by Michele Bottiglieri Armatore of Naples, Italy. It is entered with UK Club on behalf of Michele Bottiglieri Armatore SpA.

Russian pipe layer Fortuna (IMO 8674156) has resumed work on the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Gazprom confirmed on February 6th that pipes were now being laid in Danish waters close to Bornholm. Nord Stream 2 consists of two parallel pipes of 1,200km in length, is owned by the Russian energy company Gazprom and will connect Russia with Germany.

The US had previously decided that sanctions could be imposed on companies that participated in the project, which caused several western companies to withdraw from Nord Stream 2, as well as a rift between Germany and the US on the matter.

2010-built, Russia-flagged, 40,978 gt Fortuna is owned and managed by KVT-Rus LLC of Moscow, Russia.