Marine accident round-up : 9th January 2018

The governor of the province of Chiloé, René Garcés, Chile confirmed on January 7th that the maritime authority this week would approve a plan to refloat fishing vessel Seikongen (IMO 9793985), which sunk on October 18th, 2017 with 214 tons of salmon and 67 tons of oil on board. The fuel and a large quantity of the load had been removed by November 24th. CPT Empresa Marítima SA, which owns the Seikongen, was waiting for the Chilean Navy to approve the salvage plan. 2017-built, Chile-flagged, 1,952 gt Seikongen is owned and managed by CPT Empresas Maritimas SA of Las Condes, Chile. It is entered with Hanseatic Underwriters.

Crude oil tanker Mongolia (IMO 9041069) departed from Waalhaven on the morning of January 6th after having been in the port of Rotterdam for five years. She was towed by several tugs to anchorage off Hoek van Holland awaiting departure to Nigeria. 1996-built, Panama-flagged, 79.001 gt Mongolia is owned by Asset Management Corp Nigeria care of manager Jampur International FZE of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Containership COSCO Shipping Kilimanjaro (IMO 9757852), ran aground between the Ma Wan Bridge and Hong Kong Airport on January 5th due to a steering gear failure. Tugs assisted the ship, and she docked in Shekou that evening. The following afternoon she sailed on to Hong Kong, arriving there shortly after midnight on January 7th and leaving that afternoon for Singapore. 2017-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 154,300 gt COSCO Shipping Kilimanjaro is owned by Cosco Changchun Shipping Ltd care of manager Cosco Shipping lines of Shanghai, China.

The bodies of the four missing crew members of Thai fishing vessel Choke Chuchai were spotted and retrieved from the water by a Thai navy patrol boat on January 6th, having been victims of an alleged hit-and-run. Choke Chuchai had a crew of five Cambodians and three Thais. Another fishing boat, the Suwit Kan Pramong was nearby when the incident occurred and managed to save one of the Thais and three Cambodians. Pattaya Harbour officials and the Marine Traffic and Safety Monitoring Centre of the Navy later located bulk carrier Hyderabad (IMO 9278789) that it said had hit the fishing boat. Officials inspected the ship and found a clear trace that it had hit something at its port side bow. The Thai fishing boat owner had filed a complaint with Map Taphut police in Rayong. 2004-built, Pakistan-flagged, 29,365 gt Hyderabad is owned by Hyderabad Shipping Pvt Ltd care of manager Pakistan National Shipping Corp of Karachi, Pakistan. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Smuab) (Eastern Syndicate) on behalf of Hyderabad Shipping Pvt Ltd.

Bulk carrier Federal Biscay (IMO 9697856) which had been stuck in the ice near Snell Lock in Massena, New York State, since January 2nd, finally freed itself on January 6th after pressurized steam was deployed to melt the ice. Tugs had tried but failed to pull free Federal Biscay. The vessel exited the lock in the afternoon with tug assistance. The bulkcarrier had been on its way from Port Weller, Ontario, to Montreal when it became immobilized by heavy ice build-up on the lock wall, as well as on the vessel’s hull. Four other ships, the Mitiq, the Beatrix (both from Netherlands), bulkcarrier Pacific Huron and Panama flagged boxship Billesborg were delayed by the freezing of the Federal Biscay. Those vessels will transit eastwards through the US Seaway locks toward Montreal to exit the Seaway, which originally had been scheduled to close for the season on December 31st. Seaway officials said they would issue another advisory when all five vessels have cleared the US locks and exited the US sector of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

2015-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 20,789 gt Federal Biscay is owned by Federal Atlantic Ltd care of manager Fednav Ltd, Montreal, Canada. ISM manager is Anglo-Eastern Ship management of Hong Kong. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Smuab) (Americas syndicate) on behalf of Federal Atlantic Ltd. For H&M it is entered with Channel Syndicate 2015, with Gard having a subscription position.

Containership MSC Eloane (IMO 9755957) suffered a loss of several 40ft-containers about 40 miles off the Galician coast on January 5th. The ship was en route from Rotterdam. Salvamento Marítimo in Finisterre was notified of the loss of more than two dozen containers, which did not contain hazardous goods, and alerted the ships in the vicinity to navigate with caution. The maritime rescue centre waited until January 7th to see if conditions improved and a search operation in the area could be carried out. MSC Eloane dropped anchor off Tangiers on January 7th. 2016-built, Liberia-flagged, 193,489 gt MSC Eloane is owned by Mega Box Shipping Co Ltd care of manager MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co SA of Geneva, Switzerland. It is entered with Standard Club (Europe Division) on behalf of Mega Box Shipping Ltd.