Marine accident round-up : 8th January 2018

It was reported at the end of the year that up to 30 timber packages could wash up on Sussex beaches after general cargo ship Mekhanik Yartsev (IMO 8904367) shed its load in stormy conditions 20 miles south of Worthing Beach shortly after midnight on December 25th 2017.

The packages were reported to have broken up, resulting in individual planks floating on the surface. The Coastguard issued navigational safety broadcasts every half hour to warn shipping of the lost cargo in the area.

Meanwhile the operation to move Mekhanik Yartsev to port was delayed due to the windy and snowy weather. The vessel had a 20-degree list to port side. It was eventually righted and moved into Southampton Harbour, where, as of the morning of January 7th, it remained moored.

1990-built, Russia-flagged, 2,489 gt Mekhanik Yartsev is owned and managed by Northern Shipping Co of Arkhangelsk, Russia. It is entered with UK P&I Club (Area Group London L4) on behalf of Northern Shipping Co.

General Cargo Ship Mega (IMO 8891572) ran aground south of Buoy 28 on the Azov-Don Sea Canal on the morning of December 27th 2017 after leaving the fairway. The ship had a cargo of 3,400 tons of wheat and was en route from Rostov to Samsung. Attempts to refloat it with the help of icebreaker Kapitan Demidov did not initially succeed and the owner sought extra facilities to refloat the ship.. 1983-built, Panama-flagged, 2979 gt Mega is owned by Volga Shipping Services Ltd care of manager Riverwind Trade Ltd of Istanbul, Turkey. As of the morning of January 7th, she was at anchor off Azov.

Container ship Miami Trader (IMO 9251846) sustained crane damage while offloading containers at Male, Maldives, on December 21st 2017. The deck crane was damaged by container, and the ship was unable to offload half of the containers on board, which were to be delivered to the Maldives. The ship sailed on December 24th with the containers that were to be delivered to Male remaining on board 2002-built, Malta-flagged 25,587 gt Miami Trader is owned by Miami Trader GmbH care of manager Niteam Marine Shipping GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with North of England P&I Club on behalf of MS Miami Trader GmbH & Co KG.

Russia-flagged, 5,191 gt oil products tanker Palladiy (IMO 8129620) suffered engine problems on December 20th 2017, a result of dirty fuel, while east of Simushir Island, north of Japan, Kuril Islands, Sakhalin Oblast, Russia, en route from Petropavlovsk to Vladivostok. She continued her voyage at a reduced speed. On December 24th the tanker lost engine power and started to drift. A nearby trawler and a tanker were directed to the disabled tanker to attempt to tow her to sheltered waters in Simushir island waters. The tanker’s crew managed to restart the engine Zaliv Korfa Bay at the western coast of Simushir under own power. The tanker safely reached the bay and was anchored early on December 25th. As of January 7th she was underway off Vladivostok.

General cargo ship Eidholm (IMO 8616099) ran aground at the Ravelseidet in Nordreisa, Norway on the evening of December 25th 2017. The bottom was sandy and there was no damage to the hull. The ship had sailed from Tromsö-Breivika to fishfarms on the morning of December 24th. The crew waited for a higher water level and refloated the vessel shortly after midnight on December 26th. 1987-built, Norway-flagged, 1,392 gt Eidholm is owned by Bio Feeder AS care of Maritime Management AS of Leikanger, Norway. It is entered with Hydor.