Marine accident round-up : 6th February 2018

Offshore tug supply ship Galleon Venture (IMO 7812579) capsized, but remained adrift, early on February 1st, 40 miles south of St. Georges, Grenada. The ship was carrying a supply of concrete slabs when the cargo shifted in rough seas. Six Trinidadian crew were on board. The T&T Coast Guard received a distress call and contacted the Grenada Coast Guard, which then sent out a broadcast for vessels in the area to assist. The ship started taking in water faster than it could be pumped out and began to sink. The crew were rescued by the first vessel to arrive and taken to the Grenada Coast Guard base. However, the captain of the vessel went to retrieve some documents from the sinking ship and has not been seen since. 1979-built, Trinidad & Tobago-flagged, 656 gt Galleon Adventurer is owned and managed by Land & Marine Contracting Services of La Romaine, Trinidad & Tobago.

Multi-purpose carrier Rix Partner (IMO 9195212) ran aground upon entry to Vordingborg, Denmark, in the Masned Sound early on January 30th. The ship was travelling at less than two knots when it was caught by currents and slid onto a mud bank. A tug helped refloat the vessel, which then berthed in Masnedø. The ship was detained until it had been investigated for possible damage. The Russian captain of the carrier has since been fired, even though initially he had been praised by Latvia-based Rix Shipmanagement. Meanwhile, ITF inspector Peter Hansen had also boarded and the captain asked for help to ensure that he would get paid. This led to further confusion because Hansen found that the captain’s rental contract indicated a month’s payment in Euro, while it was agreed internationally – and ITF approved – to pay the salary in US dollars. However. the company’s representative had enough money to pay the captain what he owed. As of February 5th, it was in port at Ahus, Sweden. 1998-built, Portugal-flagged, 2,446 gt Rix Partner is owned by Rix Partner Shipping Ltd care of manager SIA Rix management of Riga, Latvia. It is entered with Carina on behalf of Rix Management SIA.

Bulk carrier RBD Italia (IMO 9448619) was detained on February 1st by the Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) near Pangkor Island for illegally dropping anchor in Malaysian waters. A crew of 21, among them five Italian nationals, 15 Philippine nationals, and one Romanian, were on board. The ship was anchored without the necessary documents. The ship and its crew were taken into custody and have been handed over to investigating officers for further action. 2010-built, Italy-flagged, 47,984 gt RBD Italia is owned and managed by Rizzo Bottiglieri De Carlini of Torre del Greco NA, Italy. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Smuab) (Americas Syndicate) on behalf of Rizzo Bottiglieri De Carlini.

Bulk carrier Pilion (IMO 9425825) was subject to an inspection in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg at the Southern Reiherstieg on the morning of January 31st, during which officials of the Water Police found a violation of the Ballast Water Convention. The Department of Environment and Energy ordered a security deposit of €33,551 from the Russian First Officer after the police allegedly discovered that the ship had not exchanged ballast water, in contravention of the Ballast Water Convention. At the time of the inspection, about 15,000 tonnes of ballast water were said to have been discharged at the berth in an illegal manner. In addition, a further security deposit of EUR 1,000 was ordered against him and the Greek captain by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency because in the “garbage diary” no waste water disposal was said to have been registered for two years and the waste management plan was reported as inadequate. The ship left Hamburg on February 1st, bound for Mombasa, Kenya. 2010-built, Barbados-flagged, 32,210 gt Pilion is owned by Pilion Navigation SA care of manager Helikon Shipping Enterprises Ltd of London, UK. It is entered with UK P&I Club (Area Group London L2) on behalf of Pilion Navigation SA.

General cargo ship Anmare (IMO 9434589) ran aground in the Kolding Fjord with a cargo of sodium sulphate and a crew of seven on board on the morning of February 1st while en route from Santander, Spain to Kolding Harbour, Denmark. There was no leak and no oil spill, but the ship was hard aground about 400 metres from the shore between Drejens and Agtrup, west of Skærbæk. A Danish navy environmental ship that was in the area was sent towards the grounding site in the afternoon. On February 2nd a tug pulled Anmare off which then berthed in Kolding. 2009-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 2,461 gt Anmare is owned by Kukelborg care of manager Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co KG of Leer (Ostfriesland), Germany. It is entered with Hanseatic Underwriters.

LPG tanker Passat (IMO 9674854) allided with chemical oil product tanker New Confidence (IMO 9298301) on the Pyeongtaek outer anchorage on the afternoon of January 31st while shifting towards the local pilot station. The latter was moored at Daesan No. 2, inbound, awaiting anchorage in Daesan. New Confidence sustained damage to its port side hull plating near the fore peak tank, while Passat sustained damage to its starboard side hull and deck plating. There were no injuries to crew, cargo damage or reported oil pollution. Passat had on board 40,935 tons LPG and a crew of 24 of various nationalities.

2015-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 46,789 gt Passat is owned by Avance Passat care of manager Avance Gas Ltd of Oslo, Norway. ISM manager is Exmar Shipmanagement NV. It is entered with Gard P&I (Bermuda) on behalf of Avance Passat Ltd. Hull and Machinery cover is with Norwegian Hull Club.

2005-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 41,994 gt New Confidence is owned by New Confidence Corp care of manager Expedo Shipping Corp (Monaco). ISM manager is Expedo Ship Management Canada of Mississauga, Canada. It is entered with Britannia on behalf of New Confidence Corp.