Marine accident round-up with Windward assessment : 5th June 2018

Chemical oil products tanker MRC Hatice Ana (IMO 9536935) suffered an engine breakdown off A Coruña, northwest Spain, on May 25th while en route from Agioi Theodoroi, Greece to Hamburg. She had 2,670 tons of paraffin on board at the time. The tanker was adrift, but resumed moving on May 27th at a speed of 6-to-7 knots. On May 29th the captain asked the Spanish authorities for shelter, and was granted permission to call at A Coruña, where she docked at the Centenario Sur wharf around dawn on May 30th. Spare parts for the repair arrived the following morning and the ship left port on the evening of May 31st, arriving at Hamburg on June 3rd. 2011-built, Malta-flagged, 3,999 gt Hatice Ana is owned by MRC Hatice Ana Shipping Corp care of manager MRC Denizcilik Turizm ve Petrol Urunleri Ticaret Ltd Sti, of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of MRC Denizcilik Turizm ve Petrol Urunleri Ticaret Ltd Sti.

Salvage company Bokalis has published a video taken in November 2017 showing how sheerlegs pulled up JBB de Rong 19 (IMO 9828649) which sank off Singapore on September 19th, 2017 after a collision with Indonesian tanker Kartika Segara. The wreck was cut into five sections which were then raised by SMit Cyclone, and towed to land aboard large barges. During the work, divers found the body of a crew member who had been missing since the accident. There were 12 crew members on board the dredger when it was hit by the tanker. Seven crew members were rescued while another four bodies were recovered immediately after the accident.

2017-built, Dominica-flagged, 4,965 gt JBB De Rong 19 is owned by Benzmark Development M Sdn Bhd of Johor, Malaysia. It is manager by LK Global Shipping M Sdn Bhd of Johor, Malaysia.

Chemical oil products tanker Chem Norma (IMO 9486192), which ran aground in the St. Lawrence Seaway on May 29th, was finally pulled free from the edge of the waterway during the afternoon of June 3rd. the tanker was officially inspected to ensure that she was ready to resume transit. Chem Norma grounded just before dawn last Tuesday (May 29th) near Morrisburg, Ontario due to a steering malfunction, the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation (SLSMC) said. The double-hulled vessel came to rest against the edge of a designated anchorage area and was not blocking any traffic. No pollution was observed as a consequence of the grounding. The reflotation was problematic, with the initial allocation of tugs insufficient to bring the vessel back afloat. A third tug, Ocean Tundra, joined Ocean K. Rusby and Ocean Pierre Julien, which had been with the grounded ship since May 29th, bring the vessel back into open water. 2009-built, Marshall islands-flagged, 11,939 gt Chem Norma is owned and managed by Chem Norma SA of Majuro, Marshall islands. ISM manager is ASM Maritime BV of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is entered with Gard P&I (Bermuda) on behalf of Chem Norma SA. It is entered for hull and machinery with Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty on behalf of Eastern Pacific Shipping Pte Ltd, with Gard having a subscription position.

Bulk carrier Sarocha Naree (IMO 9726449) ran aground during the afternoon of June 1st while leaving Wilmington, North Carolina. She became stuck off Bald Head Island, Cape Fear River estuary. Two tugs arrived that evening and the ship was refloated with the rising tide shortly after midnight on June 2nd. She was then moored at Wilmington Anchorage southwest of Bald Head island. 2017-built, Singapore-flagged, 36,416 gt Sarocha Naree is owned by Precious Grape Pte Ltd care of manager Precious Shipping PCL of Bangkok, Thailand. ISM manager is Great Circle Shipping Agency of Bangkok, Thailand. It is entered with Swedish Club, which is also the lead for hull & machinery cover, on behalf of Precious Grape Pte ltd..

Windward Take: Navigational Error

Based on our analysis it seems that this was the Sarocha Naree’s first visit to the area. The ship had a deep draft (11.9m out of a maximum 13m). This in itself shouldn’t have been a contributing factor, but it’s worth noting that no other vessels in the vicinity on that day (or for several days before and after) had as deep a draft. We also discovered that, due to the narrow and shallow passage, almost all cargo ships passing through the area are escorted by pilot vessels. So far as we can tell, the Sarocha Naree was NOT escorted through what one can only assume are tricky waterways, and that this lack of familiarity with the area – and the lack of a guide – may have contributed to the grounding.



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