Marine accident round-up : 5th December 2017

Bulk carrier Dora Schulte (IMO 9537630) ran aground on November 20th in the Limende Strait between the Bangka Belitung islands in the South China Sea/Java Sea, while en route from Singapore to Cigading port. Indonesian authorities said there that no distress signal had been issued, that no assistance was required with the crew remaining on board, and that this situation had remained unchanged for a week. As of the evening of December 4th local time the vessel was underway in the Singapore Strait, heading for Cigading, Indonesia. 2010-built, Liberia-flagged, 43,506 gt Dora Schulte is owned by Dora Schulte Shipping GmbH care of manager Reederei Thomas Schulte GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with Standard P&I Club (Europe Division) on behalf of MS Dora Schulte Shipping & Co KG. Client leader for Marine loss of hire, freight, hull & machinery (4/4) is Gard AS on behalf of Reederei Thomas Schulte GmbH & Co Kg.

Cargo m/v RMS Goole (IMO 9213600) collided with 84 gt Russian pilot boat Krutoyar early on the morning of November 28th in the north-eastern Gulf of Finland in the waters of the Port of Vysotsk. The pilot boat, with three people on board, capsized. One of the crew members was rescued by the RMS Goole and transferred onto a tug, but the other two crew members were missing. There was no pilot on board. After the collision RMS Goole was moored on Vysotsk anchorage. The body of a second crew member of the Krutoyar was found when the boat was raised. The wreck was towed to the shore for investigations. The search for the third crew member continued. 2005-built, Antigua and Barbuda-flagged, 2,069 gt RMS Goole is owned by BWK Schiffinvest GmbH of Duisburg, Germany. It is managed by Rhenus Maritime Services GmbH of Duisberg, Germany. It is entered with Standard Club (London Class Division) on behalf of Commerz Real Mobilienleasing GmbH Düsseldorf.

Cargo vessel Baby Leeyn, which was towed to safety early on November 27th after managing only 12km of a planned trip from Newfoundland to Romania, turns out to have allided with the dock in Argentia even before leaving port. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans confirmed on November 29th that the crew of the vessel failed to notify Marine Communications and Traffic Services of the incident. Transport Canada was unable to inspect the ship for damage because it left port immediately after the incident. The organization only learned about the collision when notified by Marine Atlantic. Upon returning to port, the ship was inspected, but there appeared to be no damage to her as a result of the allision. However, the bow of the ship left a hole in the wharf and damaged pilings. Officials were still evaluating know how much it will cost to repair the dock.

Passenger cargo RoRo Isola di Capri (IMO 9166170) allided with berthed ferry Driade (IMO 7717303) in the Massa Port in Naples on November 29th a short time after having dropped the moorings and being about to sail to Ischia. Strong winds pushed Isola di Capri’s starboard foreship into the port side of the berthed ferry. Both vessels sustained slight damage and were detained until the weather improved later that day. About 100 Korean tourists were stuck in the port of Naples but managed to sail aboard a Caremar ferry.

1998-built, Italy-flagged, 1,925 gt Isola di Capri is owned and managed by Caremar of Naples, Italy. It is entered with Standard Club (Mediterranean & Middle East Division) on behalf of Campania Regionale Marittima SpA.

1980-built, Italy-flagged, 1,397 gt Driade is also owned and managed by Caremar of Naples, Italy. It is also entered with Standard Club (Mediterranean & Middle East Division) on behalf of Campania Regionale Marittima SpA.

An NSSR lifeboat was called to assist passenger/cargo RoRo Fjordglytt (IMO 9223071) on December 1st after both her propellers were fouled by ropes of salmon cages, leaving the ferry disabled off Florø. The ship was towed to Florø, where divers removed the obstructions. 2000-built, Norway-flagged 11 gt passenger/cargo RoRo Fjordglytt is owned and managed by Fjord1 AS of Floro, Norway.