Marine accident round-up : 4th January 2018

Passenger/cargo RoRo Med Star (IMO 7528659) which suffered a fire soon after leaving Rhodes on June 15th, 2017, subsequently being towed to Perama, has been sold to breakers in Turkey. She was beached at Aliaga by December 17th 2017 and demolition has commenced. 1978-built, Cyprus-flagged, 16,776 gt Med Star is owned by Fabrilo Holdings Ltd care of manager Medferry Shipping Co of Piraeus, Greece. It is entered with Lodestar on behalf of Mediterranean Ships Breaking Company SA.

A tug has recovered some debris of sunken luxury yacht P6T2, a £1.8m, six-berth Pershing motor cruiser which went down in 26 metres of water on November 17th 2017 after striking a metal navigation buoy in St Aubin’s Bay, Jersey, just south of the main commercial sea passage to the island. A folding table, rear sunbed, seat cushions and the vessel’s registration book were among a number of items which have appeared on Jersey’s south coast beaches in recent days. A team of 20 salvage workers, along with a tug, a 200-tonne crane and rig, suspended their attempt to raise the wreck after the yacht broke up. The Coastguard has renewed warnings to mariners to keep a lookout for floating debris.

Container ship MSC Algeciras (IMO 9605243) lost three containers during storm Carmen on the night of December 31st 2017, about 45 miles west of Pointe du Raz,  Brittany, Francewhile en route from Tangiers, whence she had departed on December 29th, 2017, destination Southampton. A Falcon 50 aircraft searched the following morning, but the lost boxes could not be located. A navigational warning was issued by the French authorities. The containers were said not to contain any dangerous substances and should sink. The vessel arrived in Southampton on January 2nd. 2013-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 94,402 gt MSC Algeciras is owned by Dover park Shipping Co Pte care of manager Hanseatic Unity Chartering GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. ISM manager is Bernard Schulte-HKG LP of Hong Kong. It is entered with Gard P&I (Bermuda) on behalf of Schulte Group.

The repair of passenger/cargo RoRo Frafjord (IMO 7728508) is likely to cost NOK500,000. The ship suffered technical problems when arriving at the port of Brekstad on December 21st 2017, failing to slow down in time and alliding with parts of the new speedboat dock. In addition to minor damage to the helm, two propellers were damaged in the collision. None of the eight passengers were injured and there was no leakage. There was some damage to land facilities as the ferry ran over some large stones lying on land. The ferry then subsided into the sea again. 1979-built, Norway-flagged, 739 gt Frafjord is owned and managed by Norled AS of Stavanger, Norway. It is entered for Hull with Norwegian Hull Club

Damage caused by the fire aboard Commandant Fourcault (IMO 7304675) was estimated by owner Pim De Rhoodes at €100,000. A small and brief, but intense, fire destroyed most of the storage space and the studio where mainly the diving equipment was stored. A decompression chamber will have to rebuilt completely. The cause of the fire could have been an overheated battery charger, which exploded, said De Rhoodes. The fire broke out in the Kattendijk dock in Antwerp during the night of December 30th 2017 completely gutting the stern. The fire department prevented the fire from spreading but, due to the extinguishing water, the ship became heavier and unstable. The firefighters also rescued a dog that was on board. 1968-built, Panama-flagged 489 gt CDT Fourcault is owned and managed by Seatec NV of Schilde, Belgium. It is entered with Lodestar as Yacht (charter).

Demolition barge Atlantis 1, with the wreck of general cargo ship Gerasimos (IMO 7011230) was berthed in Perama, Piräus, waiting for the removal of its cargo. Gerasimos capsized on March 1st 2012, about 1,000 tons of ore on board, at the quay in the port of Platyliali terminal, Astakos. Following an international tender the Spanopoulos Group was commissioned to lift and remove the shipwreck and clean up the site. The group deployed demolition barge Atlantis I. with a total lifting capacity of 1800 tons, sheerleg Ignatios X with a lifting capacity of 120 tons, tug Christos XXII and an auxiliary craft. Atlantis 1 was moored perpendicularly to the length of the wreck and, with ballast pumped into its tanks, reached the required draft. The wreck was moved onto the sunken barge with the floating crane. The barge was then gradually lifted to the surface of the water again and the shipwreck was safely fixed onto the barge deck. It was then transported from the Platygali terminal of Astakos port to the Spanopoulos yards in Ampelakia, Salamis. 1970-built, Greece-flagged, 1,371 gt Gerasimos is owned and managed by Kampiotis NE of Zakynthos, Greece.