Marine accident round-up : 31st July 2017

General cargo ship Anda (IMO 8027638) was reported by Vesseltracker as capsized and sunk in the Black Sea near Sevastopol on the morning of July 29th, 30m south of the town of Alupka, while en route from Kerch to Tripoli, loaded with a cargo of wheat. Eight of the nine Syrian and Indian crew members were rescued, three from a life boat and five from a life raft, with one missing. The ship apparently had been caught in storm after leaving Kerch port. 1981-built, Togo-flagged, 2,273 gt Anda is owned by Anda Maritime, care of manager Adnan Denizilik Ve Ticaret of Istanbul. It is entered with Lodestar on behalf of Anda Maritime Co Ltd.

Panamax bulker Melite (IMO 9284881) suffered hull damage after running aground in Indonesia, its manager said last week. Melite ran aground at Palau Laut, Indonesia. “Although the Company is still assessing the situation, the crew is in no danger as a result of this incident and there has been no pollution. It appears that the vessel has suffered damage to her hull resulting from the grounding,” manager Diana Shipping said in a press release, without giving details on the damage to the vessel, or what the salvage operation was likely to entail. Melite is reportedly currently chartered to Uniper Global Commodities SE of Düsseldorf, Germany. 2004-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 39,964 gt Melite is owned by Taka Shipping company, care of manager Diana Shipping Services of Athens, Greece. It is entered with UK P&I Club on behalf of Taka Shipping Co Inc.

General cargo ship Suledrott (IMO 8310863) ran aground in Kragerø early in the morning of July 28th, en route from Tønsberg to Kragerø to pick up a cargo of stones. It was unloaded when it became stuck. The ship was helped by a taxi boat to get off the rocks and berthed in Kragerø at 07.15 the same morning, where divers checked the hull. 1984-built, Denmark-flagged, 1,525 gt Suledrott was moored in Kragerø on Saturday morning local time.

General cargo ship Kathryn Spirit (IMO 6717069), wrecked just offshore from the town of Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada, is now listing 18 degrees to port, up from 11 degrees a few months ago. The bulk carrier was towed to the town in 2011 to be dismantled by a local company, Excavation René St-Pierre Inc. However, the town refused to issue a permit, so the company sold the ship to a Mexican recycler, which declared bankruptcy in 2015, leaving the ship abandoned. Marc Garneau, Canadian federal Minister of Transport, had said that the dismantling of the vessel would be completed by June 2017, but its dismantling was then postponed to 2019. Fluid was still flowing from the ship into the water, and local reports claimed that the cofferdam surrounding the ship was not watertight. During a recent site visit 17 companies that could dismantle the ship turned up but, thus far, no submissions have been filed. The government therefore postponed the closing date of the call for tenders. 1967-built, Canada-flagged, 9,261 gt Kathryn Spirit is owned and managed by McKeil Marine of Ontario, Canada

Fishing vessel Kjelsvik (IMO 8603951) suffered its own problems when it attempted to come to the rescue of fishing vessel Starlight Rays (IMO 8965440) in the North Sea near Fraserburgh on the evening of July 25th. As a result, both required the help of a lifeboat crew. Kjelsvik had attempted to tow Starlight Rays itself, but the crew accidentally tangled the rope around its own propeller, resulting in both vessels needing the help of the RNLI. The harbour’s own pilot boat was also called out to help the tow.

Lifeboat in speedy launch to stricken vessel