Marine accident round-up : 2nd March 2018

Two guards of the Benin Navy on board chemical oil products tanker ST Marseille (IMO 9367358) were injured when she was attacked by five armed pirates on February 26th while anchored in the Bay of Cotonou, the Gulf of Guinea (see yesterday’s IMN). Further details of the incident have come to light via the vessel’s flag state Luxembourg. The pirates approached the tanker in a speedboat and opened fire once they boarded the vessel, IMB’s piracy reporting centre said. All crew except the officer of the watch on the bridge retreated into the citadel. “As the armed persons made their way to the bridge they took hostage the officer and demanded the master, chief officer and chief engineer come on the bridge. The armed persons demanded the master heave up anchor but when they were notified that the tanker was in ballast they stole crew properties, kidnapped the master and one engineer and left the vessel in the tanker’s rescue boat,” IMB has said. Once the pirates reached shore they released the master and engineer who contacted the local police and later rejoined the tanker. 2008-built, Luxembourg-flagged, 5,218 gt St Marseille is owned by Sea Tankers Shipping SAU and managed by St Management SAS, both of Merignac, France. It is entered with Skuld (business unit Skuld Oslo 1) on behalf of Sea-Tankers Shipping SAS.


Port of Lisbon ship pilot Barra Miguel Conceição has died after falling into the water while disembarking from containership Singapore Express (IMO 9200809) early morning Wednesday February 28th, the Lisbon Port Authority has confirmed. Conceição reportedly was disembarking from the vessel in Cascais Bay when he fell into the water. Efforts to recover Conceição by the pilot boat were hampered by poor weather and swells of up to 4 metres. His body was recovered some time later. 2000-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 54,401 gt Singapore Express is owned by Takoulis Maritime Corp care of manager Costamare Shipping Co of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Swedish Club (Asia team) for hull and machinery.


Container ship Music (IMO 9328053) allided with a pier while berthing at Kronshtadt port near St. Petersburg. The vessel’s bow hit the pier above the waterline, sustaining only slight damages to the bow. Music left Kronshtadt the same day for Klaipeda, ETA Feb 28, 5 a.m. 2007-built, Portugal-flagged, 7,852 gt Music is owned by Music Schiffahrtsgesellschaft care of manager Kopping Reederei GmbH & Co KG of Schuelp, Germany. It is entered with Skuld (business unit Skuld Hamburg) on behalf of member Ernst Russ Maritime Management.

Livestock carrier Finola (IMO 8616623) returned to Brisbane port on February 5th after a mechanical failure of the starboard engine was discovered. The loaded cattle remained on board until no welfare issues were found and transport arranged. The ship eventually sailed from Brisbane Anchorage on February 24th. 1988-built, Denmark-flagged, 3,228 gt Finola is owned by THEM K/S care of manager Corral Line ApS of Egernsund, Denmark. It is entered with Skuld (business unit Skuld Copenhagen) on behalf of member K/S THEM.

Multi-purpose carrier Just Reema (IMO 7812854) was detained in Malaga due to non-payment for works undertaken by shipyard Mario López. The ship, renamed Eider, was in the process of changing to a Panamanian flag. The ship had originally been taken to Malaga on June 29th 2015 with 14,764 kilos of hashish, flying the flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A public auction in September 2016 found no bidders; a second auction was held in March 2017 but no buyer was found. In July the Port Authority decided to sell the ship directly to a private individual for €153,861. The vessel left the North fishing jetty to dock at pier number four next to the floating dock on October 11th last year. She then underwent a series of works by the shipyard. By January 11th this year the repairs were completed and owner CTM Marítimas received a notification from Commercial Court Number 1 of Malaga, informing the owner that the ship would be immobilized in the event of non-payment of a complaint regarding the works carried out afloat. The vessel was towed to the northern fishing jetty on February 5th while the legal problems await resolution. 1978-built, Panama-flagged, 1,934 gt Eider is owned and managed by CTM Maritimas SA of Panama City, Panama.

Oil products tanker Natig Alyev (IMO 9194000) has been anchored off Skagen, Denmark for about three weeks without fuel and supply, and the Russian and Ukrainian crew members have reportedly not been paid for four months. Danish authorities boarded the ship on February 26th to arrest it because of alleged unpaid bills of $250,000. Four months ago the same owners were involved in a case where the crew on the Masalli were allegedly owed $134,000. 2002-built, Malta-flagged, 13,815 gt Natig Aliyev is owned by PAL Shipping care of manager Palmali Shipping & Agency of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Smuab) (European syndicate) on behalf of PAL Shipping-7 Co Ltd.