Marine accident round-up : 28th November 2017

A £450,000 appeal has been launched to save passenger ship Balmoral (IMO 5034927) after more than half of its scheduled sailings had to be cancelled in 2017. The vessel makes regular trips to Lydney and is the last seagoing passenger vessel of her type. Despite securing a rise in bookings of nearly two-fifths on 2016, a combination of the bad weather, breakdowns, administrative blows and accidents saw just 55 of 116 sailings completed. 1949-built, UK-flagged, 735 gt Balmoral is owned and managed by Waverley Steam Navigation Co of Glasgow, UK. ISM manager is Seaspan Shipping Ltd-GBI of Glasgow, UK.

Vladivostok’s maritime rescue coordination centre (MRCC) was alerted after a fire broke out in the engine room of vehicles carrier Iman (IMO 8513390) in the Japan Sea during the morning of November 24th, about 210 miles off Vladivostok, while en route from Toyama to Vladivostok, with a Russian crew of 21 on board. The engine room was sealed and the fire extinguishing system activated, successful extinguishing the fire disabling the ship and leaving it adrift. 1985-built, Togo-flagged, 7,442 gt Iman is owned by Inderton Ltd care of manager Acrex Corp of Vladivostok, Russia. No details of vessel found in insurance databases.

General cargo ship Terneskjaer (IMO 7369027) sent out a distress call on the evening of November 21st after suffering a sudden engine failure in the Thyborøn Canal, western Denmark, causing her to drift close to shore in strong winds. Two lifeboats managed to keep it clear from shore and then tow her to the dock in Thyborøn. She continued her voyage to Leland the following morning. 1974-built, Norway-flagged, 882 gt Terneskjaer  is owned by Bio Feeder AS care of manager Maritime Management AS of Leikanger, Norway. It is entered with Hydor on behalf of Lighthouse Ship Management AS.

Passenger/Cargo Roro Jetliner (IMO 9117454) hit the shore at high speed while approaching Kendari port on Sulawesi island, Indonesia, during the evening of November 23rd. The ferry had 181 passengers on board at the time. The ship crashed into the Syahbandaar Office Building, but no injuries were reported and all passengers were evacuated. The building was badly damaged, the ferry also sustained bow damage. 1996-built, Indonesia-flagged, 4,563 gt Jetliner is owned and managed by Pelni of Jakarta, Indonesia.

General cargo ship Kasra 1 (IMO 8888848) lost control on the Volga river at km 3,602 after its steering compartment suffered water ingress shortly before midnight on November 22nd. The ship was moored outside the fairway so that traffic was not affected. The ship, loaded with 2,320 tons of general cargo, was en route from Astrakhan to Enzeli. 1991-built, Iran-flagged, 1,998 gt Kasra 1 is owned by Baran Tejarat Amon Co care of manager Caspian Blue Rose Co of Bandar Anzali, Iran. ISM manager is Moje Sepide Atlas Co, of Bandar Anzali, Iran.