Marine accident round-up : 28th July 2017

Two dockers in Chittagong died in Hold 2 on board bulk carrier Latika Naree (IMO 9496941) on July 25th. The vessel had a cargo of logs, and the cargo hold 2 was still closed while offloading of holds 1 and 3 was underway. The current assumption is that the dockers either stumbled in the dark while climbing down the ladder, or inhaled toxic gas, which could have accumulated in the closed hold, causing them to fall from the ladder. Both had head injuries consistent with falling from a height. 2012-built, Thailand-flagged, 22,641 gt Latika Naree is owned by Precious Lakes Ltd of Bangkok, Thailand, and managed by Precious Shipping PCL of the same address. ISM Manager is Great Circle Shipping Agency, also of Bangkok. Latika Naree is entered with Skuld on behalf of member Great Circle Shipping Agency.

Bulk carrier Mandarin (IMO 9239812) encountered engine problems on July 20th while proceeding upstream on the St Lawrence river between the Snell and Eisenhower locks. The vessel retained motion and under control, but had to berth at Eisenhower Lock in order to fix the problem, where she berthed on the morning of July 20th. The vessel is en route from Montreal to Toronto and as of the morning of July 27th local time she was moored in Toronto. 2003-built, Cyprus-flagged, 18,311 gt Mandarin is owned by Free Sky Shipping of Athens, Greece, and managed by Navarone SA of the same city. It is entered with UK P&I Club on behalf of Free Sky Shipping Ltd.

The FBI has made an arrest after the suspicious death of a 39-year-old Utah woman on cruise ship Emerald Princess (IMO 9333151) during the night of July 25th during what was described as “a domestic dispute” while the vessel was in US waters off Alaska. The ship was carrying 3,400 passengers and 1,100 crew at the time on a week-long trip that left Seattle on July 23. The Emerald Princess was forced to divert to Juneau, at the southern end of Alaska. Passengers were ordered to remain of board for eight hours but then were allowed to disembark. 2007-built, Bermudaflagged, 113,561 gt Emerald Princess is owned and managed by Princess Cruise Lines of California, USA. It is entered with Steamship Mutual P&I on behalf of Princess Cruise Lines and with UK P&I Club on behalf of Carnival Corporation.

Utility vessel Voe Jarl (IMO 9429974) responded to a mayday call during the morning of July 26th from a 12 metre yacht (a converted fishing vessel) which had suffered a complete power failure and was drifting off Ardnamurchan Point, the most westerly point of the British mainland. The RNLI in Tobermory deployed Elizabeth Fairlie Ramsey and in poor visibility headed to the last known location of the yacht. The crew of the fish farm support vessel managed to pass a tow to the yacht. On arriving at the scene, the lifeboat went alongside the yacht and the RNLI volunteers passed a handheld VHF radio to its crew to enable better radio communication. The Voe Jarl then dropped a towline to enable the lifeboat to pass a tow rope to the
yacht. The lifeboat then towed the yacht to Tobermory Bay. 2007-built, UK-flagged, 255 gt Voe Jarl is owned and managed by Delta Marine Ltd of Shetland, UK

Chemical oil products tanker Gizemdeniz Sultan (IMO 9327310) became disabled and adrift shortly after leaving the Spanish port of Ceuta, North Africa on July 26th. Salvamento Maritímo was called in to assist and deployed offshore tug Luz de Mar (IMO: 9320104) from Algeciras, which took the casualty in tow and pulled it back to the North anchorage of Ceuta. 2006-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 3,934 gt Gizemdeniz Sultan is owned by Garanti Denizcilik AS of Istanbul and is managed by Bilka Denizcilik San Tic AS of the same city. It is entered with Standard Club on behalf of Garanti Denizcilik AS. Inland passenger ferry A Rosa Riva (IMO 8979295) berthed at the Koswag Yard in Linz on the morning of July 26th for investigation and repair of extensive fire damage. Several cabins, the sauna, the wellness area and a saloon were damaged by fire, heat and water after a sauna oven set fire to wooden panels. 2004-built, Germany flagged A Rosa Riva is 3,542 gt. As of July 27th it was still at anchor near Linz.;art66,2634429

General cargo ship Feyz Commander (IMO 8906494) detected a migrant boat off the Spanish coast while en route from Almería to Rotterdam and alerted Salvamento Maritimo. Salvamar Gadir was deployed to take aboard 33 migrants, including two children, and then took them to Barbate. 1993-built, Panama-flagged, 3,739 gt Feyz Commander is owned by Lucerne Shipping Ltd, care of manager Northsea Shipping Ltd of Istanbul, Turkey. Feyz Commander is entered with RaetsMarine on behalf of Lucerne Shipping Ltd, although cover ends on July 31st.