Marine accident round-up : 27th April 2018

A French court has sued the captain of cruise ship Azura (IMO 9424883) for violating fuel standards during the ship’s stopover in Marseilles on March 29th. The ship allegedly used heavy fuel oil with 1.68% of sulphur, exceeding the limit of 1.5%. The captain reportedly would be arrested and charged when the ship next called at a French port – scheduled for June 1st – and faces up to a year in jail and a fine of up to €200,000. 2010-built, Bermuda-flagged, 115,055 gt Azura is owned and managed by Carnival PLC of Southampton, UK. It is entered with Steamship (Smuab) (Americas Division) on behalf of member Carnival PLC trading as P&O Cruises, and UK P&I Club (Americas G7 Area Group) on behalf of Carnival PLC trading as P&O Cruises.

The Italian Supreme Court has rejected a request by German group Jugend Rettet to release search-and-rescue vessel Iuventa (IMO 5222354) which was seized eight months ago by prosecutors investigating allegations that non-governmental organizations colluded with migrant smugglers. Jugend Rettet said that it was devastated by the Cassation Court’s ruling and that it would fight for the right to rescue people in danger at sea. Doctors Without Borders said the ruling sent a signal that Europe would continue to criminalize humanitarian organizations conducting search-and-rescue operations. Prosecutors told the court that the Iuventa was seized because of three instances in which crew members had been in contact with migrant smugglers. Jugend Rettet spokesman Philipp Kulker said that the evidence had been fabricated. 1962-built, Netherlands-flagged, 184 gt Iuventa is owned and managed by Stichting Jugend Rettet NL of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The salvage contract for general cargo ship Southern Phoenix (IMO 8520434) has been awarded to an Australian company. The ship sank on May 6th 2017 at Suva Harbour, Fiji. A report from the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) technical committee is to be forwarded to the International Maritime Organization. 1986-built, Panama-flagged, 3,113 gt Southern Phoenix is owned and managed by Cruz Holdings Ltd of Suva, Fiji.

More than a year after barge carrier Harrier (IMO 8730479) grounded off Jæren, Norway, supplier of recyciling and environmental services Norsk Gjenvinning is to organize sending her to the breakers. Formerly known as Tide Carrier, the vessel was arrested last year after Norwegian authorities claimed that the ship (which is defined as special waste) was on her way to an illegal breakup in Pakistan. Norsk Gjenvinning has undertaken detailed negotiations with Norwegian authorities. An export application is in process and, after approval by Norwegian and Turkish authorities, the vessel will be sent to Turkish breakers. 1989-built, Palau-flagged, 38,282 gt Harrier is owned by Julia Shipping Inc care of Nabeel Shipmanagement FZE of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

A fire broke out in the engine room of grounded general cargo ship Berra G (IMO 8721349) during the morning of April 24th while a wreck removal operation was underway where she was grounded off Ereğli, Turkey. The local municipality fire brigade attended the scene. Slight oil leaks were noted drifting from the vessel to the sea, but no one was injured in the incident, which apparently was caused by welding sparks. Berra G was dragged to ground by a storm during the night of January 18th in the Ereğli district of Zonguldak, Turkey, splitting in two when she hit rocks 1985-built, Comoros-flagged, 2,995 gt is owned by Muis Maritime Ltd Corp care of manager Sahin Deniz Kara Nakliye Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd Sti of Istanbul, Turkey. She had previously been insured with Loadstar.

Self-discharging bulk carrier Algosteel (IMO 6613299) suffered a hydraulic oil leak in her steering gear system, causing a total system failure in heavy seas off Cape Hurd on the Northern Lake Huron, Ontario shortly after midnight on April 15th. The vessel was repaired and resumed its voyage to Ile Parisienne, where it arrived on April 23rd. 1966-built, Canada-flagged, 18,423 gt Algosteel is owned and managed by Algoma Central Corp of St Catherines, Ontario, Canada. It is entered with Standard Club (UK & Americas Division) on behalf of Algoma Central Corp.