Marine accident round-up : 24th July 2017

Approximately 750 tonnes of heavy fuel oil are to be pumped from the fuel tanks of containership Kea Trader (IMO 9701281), a week after the its grounding on July 12th on the Durand Reef, New Caledonia. The shipowner has chartered tug Marcel-Viratelle from Reviso which arrived on July 17th, carrying a barge equipped with anti-

pollution materials. Salvage work could last months. Among the hundreds of containers transported by the “Kea Trader”, about 130 were destined for Caledonia, containing fresh and frozen products, medical equipment for the Medipôle, vehicles and toys. 2017-built, Malta-flagged, 25,145 gt Kea Trader is owned by Kea Trader GmbH C/O Lomar Deutschland of Bremen, Germany, and is managed by Lomar Deutschland of the same address. ISM manager is Columbia Shipmanagement of Hamburg. It is entered with Skuld on behalf of Kea Trader (Lomar Shipping Ltd).

Research vessel C Star (IMO 7392854) was detained by security authorities in the Suez Canal circumstances, with the navy surrounding the vessel. As of Sunday July 23rd she was sailing in the Eastern Med, north of Port Said, reportedly aiming for Sicily. The vessel had been hired by Generation Identity under a crowdfunded vigilante scheme calling itself “Defend Europe” that aims to stop Libyan refugees entering Europe by sea. C Star had sailed from Djibouti early this month. The company has had its certification suspended in the UK. 1975-built, Mongolia-flagged, 422 gt C-Star is owned and managed by Maritime Global Services of Cardiff, UK. Equasis has the vessel as entered with one of the P&I Clubs (inception 26th January), but the club’s own database does not list C Star as an insured vessel.

Russian port tug MB-348 capsized and sank on the morning of July 21st in Olga Bay, Primorsky Krai, Russia, while assisting general cargo ship Stepan Geyts (8308939) during unmooring. The three crew members managed to leave the vessel and were rescued. 1983-built, Russia-flagged, 2,875 gt Stepan Geyts is owned by Lesprom-Nakhodka JSC of Vladivostok, Russia, and managed by Primorsklesprom JSC of the same address. It is entered with Ingosstrakh on behalf of Lesprom-Nakhoda (Леспром – Находка).

General cargo ship Mistral (IMO 9045651) suffered an engine failure in the English Channel on the afternoon of July 20th while en route from Constanta to Hamburg. It was towed to Hamburg. 2000-built, Turkey-flagged, 5,469 gt Mistral is owned and managed by Bora Denizcilik of Istanbul. It is entered with Hanseatic Underwriters. As of Sunday afternoon July 23rd it was in Heligoland under “restricted manoeuvrability) heading in the direction of the Elbe, about 20m north of Wilhelmshaven.

Four freighters were beached by the typhoon Talas on July 17, 2017, among them general cargo ships Thai Ha 26 (IMO 9405356) and cargo ship Truong Than (possibly #08). Both were anchored off Cua Lo Beach and drifted ashore during the typhoon. Talas also sunk the cargo ship VTB 26, with five crew members still missing, one recovered dead. Meanwhile, Minh Khanh 09 and salt carrier Viet Dung 36 were pushed by the typhoon onto the banks of the Lam River,

2006-built, Vietnam flagged, 2,546 gt Thai Ha 26 is owned by Thai Ha Commercial & Trans JSC and is managed by Hoang Dat Co of Haiphong City, Vietnam.