Marine accident round-up : 24th April 2018

More than 440 tons of heavy fuel oil were extracted from the tanks of the general cargo ship Thorco Cloud (IMO 9290050) a wreck which since a collision in December 2015 has lain in two sections 1,730 meters apart and 70 metres down in the middle of the eastbound traffic lane of the Singapore Strait. The heavy oil in the fuel tanks and in trapped compartments was seen as a major pollution hazard. Both the bow and stern sections contained fuel tanks that required emptying. The owner, Marship GmbH, supported by the P&I insurance company Standard Club, contracted Jaya Salvage Indonesia early in 2017. Bumi Subsea provided remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and the dynamically positioned Surf Allamanda, owned by Bourbon Offshore. This served as the work platform during the salvage of the trapped fuel by using the Moskito hot tap tool developed in Norway by Miko Marine. 2004-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 7,813 gt Thorco Cloud is owned by A Line Corp care of manager Thorco Shipping AS of Hellerup, Denmark. ISM manager is Eckhoff GmbH & Co KG of Niederelbe, Germany

Four men were marooned on rocks off the coast at Little Haven during the afternoon of April 19th after one of them decided to leave chemical oil products tanker Else Marie Theresa (IMO 9237864) to return home to the Philippines. They left the ship after midday because one of them had received news of a death in the family in his home country, the Philippines. He decided to return home by catching a plane from Cardiff Airport that afternoon. However, as their boat approached shore, it capsized. The men were able to make their way to nearby rocks. The inshore RNLI lifeboat from Little and Broad Haven was launched and saved the stranded men, later returning to retrieve the capsized boat from the water. The ship was underway from Rotterdam to Pembroke Port at the time. 2001-built, Denmark-flagged, 2,788 gt Else Marie Theresa is owned and managed by Herning Shipping ADS of Hellerup, Denmark. It is entered with Gard P&I Club on behalf of Christiana Shipping AS. Gard AS is claims leader for Hull & Machinery (RDC 4/4) and loss of hire.

Fishing vessel Urabain (IMO 7388243) was deliberately sunk in the Golfo Nuevo, southwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the morning of April 19th. The hake freezer had suffered a fire and was sent to join other ships that are already part of an artificial submarine park that will be used for scuba diving. Owner Iberconsa declared the wreck a total loss after the fire. All liquids and equipment were removed. The ship had been moored in Puerto Madryn when it suffered a fire start of September 2017. Argentina-flagged, 1975-built, 948 gt Urabain is entered with British Marine on behalf of Iberconsa de Argentina SA.

Aggregates carrier Atlantic (IMO 8002731) ran aground upon entering the port of Rønne upon Bornholm, a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, during the evening of April 17th. She had sailed from Kaliningrad early that morning. The grounding was apparently caused by a relatively low water level in the port basin at the time. No damage was reported and the Atlantic managed to refloat with own power. However, the Danish Maritime Authority detained the vessel at the Skærve Quay until the ship’s seaworthiness could be approved. As of the morning of April 23rd she was moored at Rønne. 1980-built, St Kitts & Nevis-flagged, 2,195 gt Atlantic is owned by KS Shipping Line Inc care of manager JMB Bjerrum & Jensen ApS of Svendborg, Denmark.

One of the rollers for the bow doors on passenger/cargo RoRo Martha’s Vineyard (IMO 9103881) broke during the night of April 19th. The vessel had been back a month from a $17.5m refurbishment. She continued to operate, but it required loading and unloading to be via the stern as the bow door remained closed. On the morning of April 20th maintenance was on site to replace the roller, but it was then noticed that one of the pilings in Slip 2 had shifted. There was a delay as an assessment was made to see if the pile was in the way of the vessel docking. Once it was determined that the pile was not in the way, the ferry docked and the repair was carried out. The repairs, coupled with backing vehicles onto the ferry , caused delays. The ferry was to be taken out of service on April 23rd to go to the Fairhaven shipyard for a checklist of items that need attention. 1993-built, USA-flagged, 2,690 gt Martha’s Vineyard is owned and managed by Woods Hole Marthas Vineyard of Massachusetts, USA.

Complications during the repairs to the propulsion system of passenger/cargo RoRo Clansman (IMO 9158953) at the Garvel Clyde Shipyard in Greenock has meant that the vessel will be out of service for longer than anticipated. CalMac has agreed with the Maritime & Coastguard Agency a three-week extension to the Hebrides’ operating licence, which was due to enter dry dock. Parts of the Clansman’s propulsion system have had to be sent to Denmark for specialist repair. CalMac will be operating to an amended timetable until the return of all major vessels, expected by May 31st. 1998-built, UK-flagged, 5,499 gt Clansman is owned by Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (also ISM manager) of Gourock, UK. Commercial manager is Calmac Ferries Ltd of Gourock, UK. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of Calmac Ferries Ltd.