Marine accident round-up : 23rd May 2018

Vehicles carrier Mignon (IMO 9189251) berthed at the Ostrow Ship repair yard in Gdansk during the morning of May 17th after reportedly suffering a fire in a car deck off Singapore at the end of April. She completed her voyage to Izmit, Zeebrugge, Amsterdam and Bremerhaven before heading to the repair yard. 1999-built, Sweden-flagged, 67,264 gt Mignon is owned by Wallenius Lines AB and managed by Wallenius Marine AB of Stockholm, Sweden. It is entered with West of England Club (Claims Team 3) on behalf of WALL Ro-Ro AB.

Feeder tanker Kithnos (IMO 9371268) collided with tug Christos XXV (IMO 7501364) while mooring at Souda Bay during the evening of May 18th. Both vessels sustained minor damage. The Port Authority of Chania, Crete, carried out preliminary investigations and temporarily banned the two vessels from sailing until the damages were repaired and certificates of seaworthiness issued. Kithnos sailed for Eleusis port, Greece, during the early evening of May 20th, where it remained for repairs. Christos XXV remained at Souda Bay.

2007-built, Malta-flagged, 3,220 gt Kithnos is owned by Kithnos Maritime Inc care of manager Aegean Bunkering Services of Piraeus, Greece. It is entered with American Club on behalf of Kithnoss Maritime Inc.

1975-built, Greece-flagged, 187 gt Christos XXV is owned by Christos XXXII Spanopoulos care of Ignatios Spanopoulos SA of Salamina, Greece. It is entered with Shipowners’ Club on behalf of Spanopoulos Bro.

A conveyor loader collapsed into cargo hold No. 2 of bulk carrier Sea Moon (IMO 9228227) while loading fertilizers at Ashdod, Israel, port terminal 12 on May 17th. The portside coating of the cargo hold sustained only slight damage, but the vessel was unable to depart as the loader was within the hold. A floating crane was called to remove the loader, which it achieved on May 18th. 2002-built, Liberia-flagged, 17,431 gt Sea Moon is owned by Sea Moon Shipping & Trading SA care of manager Genimar Shipping & Trading SA of Athens, Greece. It is entered with American P&I Club on behalf of Genimar Shipping & Trading SA.

Indonesian state-owned passenger ship Bukit Raya (IMO 9032173) ran aground on a coral reef in the Lapma Strait, Natuna Regency, Riau, Indonesia, on May 18th with 248 passengers on board. The ferry was en route from Anambas to Pontianak in Western Kalimantan. All passengers were safely evacuated and accommodated in hotels in Batu Hitam. The hull of the ship was holed on starboard side, and the vessel suffered water ingress. A salvage plan is being put together in Jakarta. 1994-built, Indonesia-flagged, 6,022 gt Bukit Raya is owned by Indonesia Govt Min Sea Comms of Jakarta, Indonesia. It is managed by Peli of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bulk carrier Sheng Ming (IMO 9109392), which had arrived off Cape Town with a partially flooded engine room on April 27th, was still 12 miles off the port on May 18th, still under tow, travelling at 1.2 knots. 1995-built, Panama-flagged, 38,403 gt Sheng Ming is owned and managed by Wealth Success Transportation of Hong Kong. ISM manager is Great Ocean Marine HK Ltd of Fuzhou, Fujian, China. It is entered with Japan Club (Tokyo Office).