Marine accident round-up : 23rd February 2018

Fish factory ship Joseph Roty II (IMO 7362500) was safely pulled into the port of Killybegs during the afternoon of February 19th after suffering damage to her main engine on February 15th 240nm west of Killybeg and going adrift with a crew of 58 on board. The ship was taken in tow by a tug on February 18th and remained at Killybegs as of the morning of February 21st. 1973-built, France-flagged, 2,436 gt Joseph Roty II is entered with Navigators on behalf of Compagnie des Peches de Saint Malo (to January 1st 2019).

Vehicles carrier Passero (IMO 9491886) came into contact with pedestals of wharf fenders while arriving at Yokohama Port on the morning of February 18th The vessel sustained minor damage and left the port again the same day. 2012-built, Germany-flagged, 47,053 gt Passero is owned by Passero GmbH care of manager Reederei F Laeisz GmbH of Rostock, Germany. It is entered with UK P&I Club (London L1 Division) (to Feb 2019) on behalf of member MS “Passero” GmbH & Co. KG, Rostock.

General cargo ship Ever Prosperity (IMO 9163520) was in collision with container ship EF Elena (IMO 9368730) late on February 15th. Ever Prosperity was coming from Gwangyang, South Korea, while EF Elena was en route from Moji, South Korea, to Nagoya, Japan. Neither vessel suffered significant damage. They both headed for Oita, Japan for investigations to carried out by the Japan Coastguard. Ever Prosperity berthed at the Sumiyoshi Wharf on February 16th, where she remained as of the morning of February 21st, while EF Elena dropped anchor off Oita. As of the morning of February 21st she was underway to Busan, South Korea.

2007-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 16,162 gt EF Elena is owned by EF Elena Ltd care of manager Mercator Navigation GmbH & Co KG of Hamburg, Germany. ISM manager is peter Doehle Schiffahrts KG of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Smuab) (European Syndicate) on behalf of EF Elena Ltd.

1997-built, Belize-flagged, 1,997 gt Ever Prosperity is owned by Grand Prosperity Shipping Ltd care of manager Nautika International Shipping Co Ltd of Hong Kong, China.

MAN Diesel said that it was still analyzing the cause of the engine failure that put out of operation high-speed passenger/cargo RoRo Express 2 (IMO 9561356) on February 16th. It was still uncertain when the engine would be repaired and therefore it was not clear when Express 2 would be running again. 2013-built, Denmark-flagged, 10,500 gt Express 2 is owned by Adriatic Fast Ferries Ltd and managed by Mols-Linjen AS of Aarhus, Denmark. It is entered with Skuld on behalf of Mols Linjen AS. It is entered with Gard AS for Hull & Machinery and Loss of Hire.

General cargo ship Blue Tune (IMO 9491927) has reported to Greek authorities that there had been an outbreak of an unknown disease on board while sailing in Gulf of Corinth with a cargo of bauxite, en route from Ravenna to San Nicolas. The master alerted Greek authorities that the vessel’s 40-year-Russian cook had died of unknown causes, raising concerns that he may have been infected with a contagious disease. Greek specialists excluded cargo as the possible cause of poisoning, but there was a possibility of contagious disease. The ship was put under quarantine and was ordered to proceed to the Boeotia area in the Gulf of Corinth and wait for a specialist team. A preliminary coroner’s report on February 19th said that the death of the cook was due to heart problems and not a contagious disease. Greece’s Centre for Disease Prevention and Control gave the other crewmen a clean bill of health. 2010-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 3,845 gt Blue Tune is owned by Blue Tune Ltd care of Mastermind Shipmanagement doo of Tivat, Montenegro.

Dredger Kristine Bonnevie (IMO 9062934) reported an engine failure 17nm south of Orkney on February 17th. The cause was a leaking lubricant distributor. As the engine could not be repaired, the unloaded vessel was drifting, awaiting patrol boat Bergen from the Norwegian Coastguard. Anchoring was not possible due to the depth of water. Bergen pulled Kristine Bonnevie to near Haugesund, where lifeboat Bergen Kreds took over and pulled the vessel to a repair yard at Rubbestadneset on Bømlo, where it arrived on February 19th. 1993-built, Norway-flagged, 1,444 gt Kristine Bonnevie is owned and managed by Havforskningsinstituttet of Bergen, Norway.