Marine accident round-up : 22nd March 2018

Offshore tug supply ship Malaviya 20 (IMO 9303481) has been moved to Peel Ports’ outer harbour from its berth at South Quay in Great Yarmouth, where she has been moored in Great Yarmouth since June 2016. and now has a second crew on board. The vessel had been at the centre of a court dispute in India, between ICICI Bank, which owns the ship, and a liquidator, over who should receive the proceeds of a potential sale. The vessel has been arrested by the port authority, which has the option to sell it. There were also issues over the Indian crew not being paid. 2004-built, India-flagged, 2,151 gt Malaviya 20 is owned and managed by GOL Offshore Ltd of Mumbai, India.

Container ship Sinokor Tokyo (IMO 9179464) ran aground in shallow waters in Kitakyushu Port, Fukuoka Port, Japan on March 17th. The vessel was refloated six hours later and berthed at the Moji Wharf No.2 for an investigation by the Japanese Coastguard. It left Moji on March 21st, bound for Sendai with an ETA of March 23rd, South Korea-flagged, 9,030 gt Sinokor Tokyo is owned and managed by Sinokor Merchant Marine Co Ltd of Seoul, South Korea. ISM manager is Sinokor Shipmanagement Co Ltd of Busan, South Korea. It is entered with Standard Club (Standard Asia division) on behalf of Sinokor Merchant Marine Co Ltd.

Refrigerated cargo ship Crown Ruby (IMO 9159103) suffered a crack in her hull and leaked oil from an oil tank after she hit an underwater obstruction on March 20th on her way from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Cristóbal, Panama. She headed into the Kalundborg Fjord to moor. Divers found a crack in the hull and the crew of the boat laid out 360 metres of oil booms on both sides, but not before oil had escaped. A surveillance aircraft was tasked to monitor an oil spill estimates to be 2km long and 20 metres wide. 1997-built, Panama-flagged, 10,519 gt Crown Ruby is owned by Sorrell Trading Corp care of manager Cool Carriers AB of Stockholm, Sweden. ISM manager is Norbulk Shipping UK Ltd of Glasgow, UK.

A container fell off containership Zim Moskva (IMO 9401776) near Berth No.1 in the Delta Port of Vancouver in British Columbia on March 9th, the captain has reported. Arrangements were made to retrieve the container. The ship had arrived in port on March 8th and sailed again on March 13th, destination Busan, ETA March 27th. 2009-built, Liberia-flagged, 40,741 gt Zim Moskva is owned by Benito Schiffahrt care of manager Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd of Haifa, Israel. ISM manager is NSC Shipping GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of MS Benito Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.

General cargo ship Mekhanik Brilin (IMO 8904408) experienced a main engine failure and became stuck in ice on March 16th, while entering the ice channel opposite timber jetty No. 25 in Archangelsk. She was carrying 3,585 metres of sawn timber, On March 17 shortly after midnight the vessel moored at the timber jetty with the help of a tug and an icebreaker, and repairs to the main engine commenced. 1991-built, Russia-flagged, 2,489 gt Mekhanik Brilin is owned and managed by Northern Shipping of Arkhangelsk, Russia. it is entered with West of England Club (Claims Team 1) on behalf of Northern Shipping Co.

General cargo ship Freifjord (IMO 6524125) suffered engine problems with an oil leak and sea water in the engine room after having left the area of Elnesvåg, Norway, during the evening of March 18th. The ship was in the Edøy Fjord at that time. The ship was assisted by a lifeboat and a tug “Karl” and towed into the port of Vågen early on March 19th. After berthing at the Nordmørs Quay an oil boom was laid out around the ship by the fire brigade. 1965-built, Norway-flagged, 731 gt Freifjord is owned by Alutrans AS and managed by Torhus Shipping AS, both of Molde, Norway. It is entered with Hydor.

Beached general cargo ship Berg (IMO 8896039) which had been beached in the Feodosia Bay in the Black Sea after suffering a breach to her hull on January 31st, was recognized as a total loss after a recent storm. The ship sank in February (IMN accident round-up February 2nd) with only the forecastle and the top of the superstructure remaining above the waterline. Salvors siphoned off all the fuel so the wreck did not pose an environmental threat. 1974-built, Moldova-flagged, 2,516 gt Berg is owned by Orka Shipping Co Ltd care of manager Efem Gemi Kiralama ve Denizcilik Ticaret Ltd of Istanbul, Turkey. It is ented with Navigators on behalf of Orka Shipping Co. Note, as of February 8th 2018, Navigators has transferred the management of its marine P&I business to Thomas Miller Specialty Underwriting Agency Limited (TMS).