Marine accident round-up : 1st February 2018

Multi-purpose carrier Canci Ladjoni 3 (IMO 8127311) sank between islands Kayuadi and Jampea, south of Selayar island in southern Sulawesi, Indonesia, following water ingress during the morning of January 27th. The 20 crew members were rescued by locals. The ship had been docked in Lembak with a cargo of fertilizers, but was reportedly abandoned by the owners and detained by the authorities because the ship’s documents were unsatisfactory. The ship and the crew were eventually provided with valid documents. 1986-built. Indonesia-flagged, 2,026 gt Canci Ladjoni 3 is owned and managed by Pelayaran Surya Bintang Timur of Surabaya, Indonesia.

General cargo ship Maxal Zita (IMO 8109101) experienced a technical failure at the northern entrance to the Istanbul Strait during the afternoon of January 26th while en route from Kherson for Tuzla in ballast. Subsequently the vessel dropped anchor at Kilyos anchorage under its own power and the crew commenced repairs. As of January 30th she remained moored. 1982-built, Tanzania-flagged, 2,584 gt Maxal Zita is owned by Starmount Resources Inc care of manager Maxa Shipping Ltd of Varna, Bulgaria. It is entered with British Marine on behalf of Starmount Resources Inc.

The US Coast Guard has named tug Ocean King as the vessel responsible for an oil spill in Woods Hole, upper Cape Cod, Massachusetts on January 21st. The USCG directed Ocean King/Patriot Marine to pay the cost of the response effort and the clean-up of the oil spill. USCG said that Patriot Marine could be subject to additional penalties. It said that any members of the public who felt they have been affected by the oil spill could contact Patriot Marine to file a claim. The 100×100 yards spill was identified as a mix of lubricating oil and diesel, initially located by the boat ramps near the Woods Hole Science Aquarium. The spill remains under investigation by the Coast Guard and other local and state agencies.

General cargo ship Jian Hong 1 (IMO 7914183) sank 80m northwest of Taipei in the East China Sea, halfway between northern Taiwan and Wenzhou, China while en route from Taichung to South Korea with a cargo of sugar. It issued a distress signal during the night of January 28th. Taiwanese and Chinese rescuers and military sent helicopters to the ship which had 10 or 11 crew members on board. Two crew members were rescued but the remainder are missing. 1980-built, disputed-flagged, 497 gt Jian Hong No 1 is owned by and managed by Zhang Hong Shipping Co Lt of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

Multi-purpose carrier Rix Partner (IMO 9195212) ran aground upon entry to Vordingborg, Denmark, in the Masned Sound early on January 30th. The ship was travelling at less than two knots when it was caught by currents and slid onto a mud bank. A tug helped refloat the vessel, which then berthed in Masnedø. The ship was detained until it had been investigated for possible damage. As of January 31st, it remained in port. 1998-built, Portugal-flagged, 2,446 gt Rix Partner is owned by Rix Partner Shipping Ltd care of manager SIA Rix management of Riga, Latvia. It is entered with Carina on behalf of Rix Management SIA.

General cargo ship Lady Ann-Lynn (IMO 9760392) suffered engine failure during the evening of January 28th in the English Channel east of Dungeness due to a lube fuel leak in the engine room. A tug sailed from Rotterdam in the evening and the freighter was taken on tow at around noon on January 29th, being berthed in Flushing before dawn on January 30th. 2016-built, Netherlands-flagged, 2,544 gt Lady Anne-Lynn is owned by Lady Anne-Wynn care of manager Wijnne & Barends Cargadoors of Delfzijl, Netherlands. It is entered with British Marine on behalf of Wijnne and Barends Cargadoors en Agentuurkantoren BV.

Offshore tug supply ship Caballo Eclipse (IMO 8404331) capsized and sank off Carmelite island during stormy weather on January 27th. She had been abandoned by her owner and unmanned since December 2017. The vessel came to rest on the bottom half-submerged on the bottom with the starboard side remaining above the waterline. 1985-built, Mexico-flagged, 2,906 gt Caballo Eclipse is owned by Arrendadora Caballo De Mar II care of manager are of Oceanografia SA  of Ciudad del Carmen, CAM, Mexico. It is entered with Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig – on behalf of Arrendadora Caballo de Mar III SA de CV.