Marine accident round-up : 19th January 2018

A major fire broke out on crude oil tanker MT Genessa (IMO 9183647) off the coast of Kandla in Gujarat, Arabian Sea on January 17th. The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) rescued 26 crew members on board MT Genessa and efforts were underway to put out the fire. Tugs and other resources were already deployed in firefighting, and the tanker has been fenced by booms. No oil spill has been reported. It was reported to have 30,000 tonnes of diesel on board. Two members sustained burn injuries and were undergoing treatment, according to local reports. 2000-built, India-flagged, 27,645 gt Genessa is owned and managed by Seven Islands Shipping Ltd of Mumbai, India. It is entered with American Club on behalf of Seven Islands Shipping Ltd.

Two boats, one of them containing passengers of the cruise ship Costa Victoria (IMO 9109031), collided at the entrance to the Royal Phuket Marina, Thailand, on January 16th. Eight people were injured, including five Italian tourists. The group of eight tourists travelled to Phuket with the Costa Victoria and anchored in front of Patong Beach during the day. They were in a speedboat named Satakamol with other passengers. Heading towards the RPM pier, another boat named Pimracha 5 hit the boat resulting in the injuries. The two boat drivers have been arrested for further investigation.

Two of the tourists were sent to Vachira and Phuket International (Siriroj) Hospitals with serious injuries.

1996-built, Italy-flagged, 75,166 gt Costa Victoria is owned and managed by Costa Crociere SpA of Genoa, Italy. ISM manager is Carnival Maritime GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with Steamship (Americas Syndicate for Costa Crociere), Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig – for Costa Crociere, and UK P&I Club (Americas G& Group) for Costa Crociere.

General cargo ship Halland (IMO 9436238) began moving on her grounding site on the morning of January 17th. The plan to lighter the cargo onto other ships first and to salvage the vessel subsequently was aborted because of possible propeller damage. The ship backed off under her own power after emptying the ballast tanks, and the ship’s rudder is working again. Divers were scheduled to investigate the hull. There were 300 tons fuel in the bunker tanks. 2008-built, Cyprus-flagged, 5,335 gt Halland is owned by Halland GmbH care of manager Schiffahrtskontor tom Worden GmbH of Oldendorf, Germany. It is entered with Gard P&I Club on behalf of MS Halland GmbH.

Chemical oil products tanker Sea Pioneer (IMO 9339650) has been anchored in the Amerika Port since December 6th, 2017, reportedly after a creditor seized the ship. She had sailed from Cuba to Amsterdam with a cargo of naphtha. The 18 crew members from Pakistan and the Philippines have been stuck on board ever since, but had enough food until the end of January after the owner delivered some end of last week. They were still waiting for the salary. According to Trinity Ships Inc the payments to the crew would be processed before the end of the week. The crew are saving fuel by only using hot water for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. Only part of the ship is heated. The ship apparently will remain in Amsterdam until it is sold. 2007-built, Marshall Islands flagged, 22,184 gt Sea Pioneer is owned by Bondi Shipholding SA care of manager Trinity Ships Inc of Athens, Greece.

The eight crew members of multi-purpose carrier Andromeda (IMO 7614666) were remanded in custody on January 16th. The two Ukrainians, five Indians and one Albanian had appeared before a Piraeus prosecutor on charges of violating maritime safety laws. Prosecutors said that the crew had been planning to deliver explosives to Libya in contravention of UN and EU embargoes against the country. The Greek Shipping Ministry, with help from the army, was expected to start removing the 410 tons of explosives from the vessel in the port of Iraklio on January 16th. 1979-built, Tanzania-flagged, 1,590 gt Andromeda is owned and managed by Andromeda Shipmanagement SA of Athens, Greece.

Passenger/cargo RoRo Tidefjord (IMO 9419204) failed to stop in time when approaching the port of Hareid, Norway, before dawn on January 15th, due to strong winds. The ship allided with the north side of the pier and suffered damage to the fender, the hull and one propeller which struck bottom. However, damage was sufficiently limited that the Tidefjord could remain in operation temporarily, but would later have to be docked for repairs. 2008-built, Norway-flagged, 2,979 gt Tidefjord is owned and managed by Norled AS of Stavanger, Norway. It is entered for hull and machinery with Norwegian Hull Club.

General cargo ship Wen Cheng (IMO 8896819) collided with pusher barge Shinto No.1 off Kanmon Port, Japan, during the evening of January 15th, en route from Yingkou. The extent of the damage to the vessels was not reported. 1994-built, Togo-flagged, 2,423 gt Wen Cheng is owned by Baofeng Shipping care of manager DL East Shipping Co Ltd of Tortola, British Virgin Islands. ISM manager is DL East Shipping Co Ltd-Dalian of Dalian, Liaoning, China.

Subsequent to containership Hansa Meersburg (IMO 9373462) allided with the berth No. 11 and the gantry crane No.112 on January 8th in Keelung, Taiwan, the terminal operator has announced that the collapsed gantry crane will have to be removed first, before the damaged containers can be removed and inspected for damage. The inspection to the damaged containers and cargos was expected take place two months later. The Letter of Undertaking/security raised by ULIC was approximately $43m. 2007-built, Germany-flagged, 18,327 gt Hansa Meersburg is owned by H Meersburg GmbH care of manager Leonhardt & Blumberg Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with Hydor and with Gard P&I Bermuda on behalf of Schiffahrts-Gesellschaft “H.MEERSBURG” mbH & Co. KG.

SAR Gavia was called from El Ferrol, Spain, on January 16th to pick up the remains of a lost container, possibly from the MSC Eloane (IMO 9755957), which lost between 30 and 45 containers 40 miles off the Galician Coast earlier this month. The 40ft container was observed drifting in the sea 5 m from the outer port of Langosteira. The container was taken in tow firm towards the Outer Port of Ferrol. 2016-built, Liberia-flagged, 193,489 gt MSC Eloane is owned by Mega Box Shipping Co Ltd care of manager MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co SA of Geneva, Switzerland. It is entered with Standard Club (Europe Division) on behalf of Mega Box Shipping Ltd.

A fire broke out aboard passenger/cargo RoRo Stena Britannica (IMO 9419175) on its way from Hoek van Holland to Harwich International Port during the morning of January 17th. The fire started in a truck of a customer in the lowerhold (deck 1) of the vessel. The Essex County Fire and Rescue Service was called to the port in Parkeston Quay. The fire was found in a refrigerator lorry on a lower deck and had spread to a number of surrounding vehicles. As the fire was on a lower deck of the ship and in a confined space the area had become smoke logged and was difficult to access. The firefighters worked with the ship’s crew and the Port Authority to organize the removal of freight to allow access to tackle the fire. Despite difficult conditions, the fire was brought under control and extinguished by 07:00, after about two hours’ firefighting. The vessel proceeded to Harwich where passengers disembarked. At 10:15 the vehicles involved were taken off the ship while firefighters continued to work at the scene. There were no reported injuries.

2010-built, UK-flagged, 64,039 gt Stena Britannica is owned by Stena Ropax Ltd care of ISM manager Stena Line Ltd of Holyhead, UK. Commercial manager is Stena Line BV of Hoek van Holland, Netherlands. It is entered with Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig – on behalf of Stena Ropax Ltd